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What is “Shop Your Wardrobe”?

Shop your wardrobe as a concept is about two specific things – attitude and your closet.


Firstly, shop your wardrobe is an attitude – it’s a way of thinking and feeling about your wardrobe that has you appreciating and using what’s there, not wishing for things that you don’t have.

You can cultivate a Shop Your Wardrobe attitude overnight, or at least fairly quickly – the second part of Shop Your Wardrobe can take longer.

Working Wardrobe

Shop your wardrobe is also about having a working wardrobe – it’s a wardrobe filled exclusively with items that that make you look good and feel even better. It’s being conscious about every purchase you make, so any new item coordinates with many existing items, and pay their rent in your wardrobe.

A working wardrobe is full of items that suit your body, support your lifestyle, and express your mood. A working wardrobe can take a while to develop and get right, years sometimes. But it’s worth it.

Once you have the know-how, you’ll never make a wrong purchase again, and you’ll never look into your wardrobe and lament “I’ve got all these clothes, but nothing to wear!” Your working wardrobe may have 16 items in it or 66 or 1066 – it’s not the size that counts, it’s whether every single piece is working for you.

When you have a Shop Your Wardrobe attitude and working wardrobe to match, you’ll feel like you’re…. shopping in your own wardrobe!

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