Only wearing a fraction of your wardrobe?

Too many women are wearing 10 – 20% of their wardrobes – and it’s such a waste! I’ve tested this much quoted statistic in workshops all around the world, and 90% of women confess they’re wearing a woefully small percentage of their wardrobes.

Join 28 day Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop

Oh the angst of having all those clothes sitting, hanging, lying there – unworn and unloved, so far from full value and enjoyment being gotten from them!

It’s a crying shame, and a dreadful waste.  A waste of money, a waste of space, and a waste of potentially great style!

Every time you look at those unworn, unloved clothes they seem to mock you:  “See you much you paid for me and yet you’ve never even worn me!  See – tag still attached under my arm!”  If some of your clothes could talk, that’s about what they’d be saying, right?

It’s time to claim back the hidden mileage and magic lurking in your wardrobe

It’s time to start wearing closer to 100% of your wardrobe. It’s time to start loving your wardrobe.

And that is what the Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop is all about:  Tuning you into what you already have and wonderful ways you can wear more and love more of it.

This is the most amazing short course on style I have ever done.  Created by the woman who shopped her wardrobe for an entire year, this workshop covers everything you could imagine about wearing more of your own wardrobe, and feeling like you can ‘shop’ in it.” Tanya

28 Days to Stop Wasting Money on Clothes You Will Never Wear

Over the 28 days of the Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop, you will go through a fascinating exploration of what you are wearing and what you’re not, and why.  You will receive loads of use-it-now, practical strategies on how to tap into the hidden mileage and magic in your wardrobe so you can wear more of what you already have.

You’ll learn the key components to creating your own wonderful, working wardrobe including smart strategies on how to get rid of items that are no longer serving you.  And you will receive concrete steps you can take when shopping so you only ever bring home (or get delivered) items that you know will work for you.

Inspiring and practical, the 28 Day Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop is delivered in four (4) emails, each divided into 7 daily sections:

Week 1: Exploring why you love certain items and not others.  Use-it-now content and steps to dig into the reasons why certain items call you day after day, week after week, and others sit, hang, or lie in your wardrobe unworn and unloved.

Week 2: Tapping into the hidden mileage and magic in your wardrobe.  The reasons why you are wearing so little of your wardrobe and how you can employ some savvy strategies for increasing your wardrobe usage – right now.

Week 3: Creating your very own wonderful, working wardrobe.  The key elements of your very own wonderful, working wardrobe and step-by-step exercises to get you creating yours, or improving the one you already have.

Week 4: Making more conscious clothes shopping choices.  How your current shopping has gotten you to where you are as the owner, or otherwise, of a wonderful, working wardrobe plus smart shopping strategies to keep you on the right track.

“It felt like Jill was with me the entire time – her cheerleading in the email lessons was one of the best parts of this entire experience! Her encouragement every day of this workshop made it all worthwhile. Yes “I can do this!” as Jill kept telling me.” Danielle

The Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop looks like this:

  • It is an online 28-day journey, and you can start anytime you wish. Like right now.
  • As soon as you sign up, your Workshop begins with your first email arriving within a few hours.
  • Is conducted entirely online – so long as you have access to the internet and a device (laptop, desktop, tablet), you can do the Workshop from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s low tech, high value.  There’s no logging in anywhere or having to go anyplace online to get your materials.  It all comes to you in the form of four (4) weekly power-packed emails.
  • You receive four (4) emails chunked into seven (7) daily sections giving you 28 days of use-it-now material.
  • You can self-pace. You can do the Workshop in 28 consecutive days or spread it over a longer period of time if you prefer.  You are in the driver’s seat of your own learning pace (sorry, no changing of delivery times of the weekly emails).
  • You receive excellent content every week with 28 days of inspiring ideas, practical steps, and creative activities to get you playing with and enjoying what you already have – and getting so much more from what you own.

Altogether over four (4) emails, you’ll receive nearly 80 pages of engaging and encouraging information to support you in creating a wonderful working wardrobe that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

“Power packed!  This workshop made me think, and I truly am wearing so much more of my wardrobe, it’s almost like a miracle.  I don’t know how she’s done it but Jill has created something astounding here.” — Grace

What you’ll need to participate

  • A device (computer, tablet) with access to the internet.
  • Some time. Each week you will receive one email with seven (7) daily lessons, each with a creative exercise (or two or three) for you to engage with.  This is not a reading program – it is an interactive, doing experience, and you will need some time for that doing.
  • A willingness to try new things and give it a go. The more open and curious you are to trying the daily creative exercises, the more you will gain from this Workshop.  This is not a lecture – it requires your participation.
  • An openness to finding your own path based on the ideas and inspiration you will receive. The Workshop provides the scaffolding in the form of inspiring ideas and creative, step-by-step exercises – the real shifts come from your participation!

If you’re struggling to make sense of your wardrobe, if it is far from being a wonderful working wardrobe, if you are that woman who is wearing 10, 20 or only 30% of her wardrobe – then please make this Workshop a gift to yourself.

“This workshop helped me to stop and evaluate what I really like and what I feel good wearing and most importantly, WHY. I’d never done this before, and this kind of analyzing was really helpful and is an ongoing journey.” — Ruth Ann

This Workshop is not for everybody so here’s four-step criteria that you can assess yourself against to see how neat a fit this Workshop is for you:

  1. Do you wear clothes?  Anyone who wears clothes qualifies to join this workshop.  If you answered yes to this, you are ready to move onto criterion #2.
  2. Do you wear far less than 100% of your current clothing?  This workshop is specifically for women who are wearing that 10 – 30% of their wardrobes, or far less than 100% no matter what the actual percentage is.  Which seems to be roughly in the vicinity of “everyone”.
  3. Do you want to be wearing much, much more of your clothing than you currently are?  Sure it’s one thing to check yes to #1 (we’ve established you’re not a nudist) and yes to #2 (sure you’re in the typical range of not wearing 100% of your wardrobe throughout the year and all its seasons and activities).
    But it really tips the scales when you look at #3 and affirm YES: I want to be wearing more of my clothing!
  4. Would you like to shop smarter and more consciously? Wherever you are on the smart-and-conscious shopping continuum now, this Workshop is for you if you would like to improve your relationship to shopping. This Workshop will provide you with a range of smart shopping strategies you can use immediately to put – and keep – shopping in its rightful place in your life.  You will be the boss of shopping – not the other way around!

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop. What tremendous value for money! This is the only investment you need to give you the tools to discover how to dress yourself each day, using items from your existing wardrobe, as well as so many other wonderful skills – wardrobing, dressing for your personality, effective shopping strategies, discovering and creating new outfits, to name just a few of the dozens Jill shares in this amazing online workshop.

Jill takes us on a beautiful journey to self, through the doors of our own wardrobes, allowing us to unlock the magic that undoubtedly already resides there. She champions us by her kind encouragement on every page of her wonderful program, to discover the magic of who we are and how we can present that person to the outside world by how we choose to dress. This workshop is both practical and profound. This workshop is a beautiful experience – so indepth and insightful. As Jill keeps cheerleading us – you have to do the exercises to get the magic, but magic it most definitely is!

I urge you to take this leap and discover the magic of your very own wardrobe and step out into the world a better, happier, freer person. This is a workshop of such Grace and Heart, is so very rare in this field, and it has been an utter joy to participate in it….Thank you Jill.” — Bron

If you participate fully, you will finish this 28 Day Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop with a renewed sense of possibility in your existing wardrobe, a closer connection to the items you already have, and a clear set of actions you can continue to take to tap into the magic (not so hidden now!) in your own wardrobe.

The Wear Your Wardrobe Workshop is just $28 – at one dollar a day this is extraordinary value.  Consider joining with a friend… or two or three!

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