9 Simple Truths About Hope

Posted by Jill Chivers in Simple Truths


Hope is a vital part of living. I have been fascinated by hope in the last year or so especially, and here’s some things I have noticed.

  1. A life without hope is one that literally feels like it’s not worth living. Hope is the difference between the light and the dark.
  2. Hope is not about things being shiny, bright and light all the time. To have hope doesn’t mean you are always happy, or always walking in sunshine.
  3. Hope means that even if it’s raining, you have faith the rain will one day stop, and the sun will come out again. You just don’t know when.
  4. Hope is an essential part of being happy. Hope gives you something to look forward to, gives your life meaning, depth, something solid amongst all that is ephemeral.
  5. People who lose hope, and can’t find it again, enter a dark night of the soul. They either continue to live in this black airless space, which is a living misery, or they make a decision to not be here anymore, which is death. Both of which are tragic, not only for them, but for those who love them and are around them.
  6. You can lose hope and find it again. Lost hope needn’t be permanent. I have lost my hope at times, and found it again.
  7. As impossible as it is when you have lost hope — in those dark moments of the soul — to imagine life can be better, or you can see it through different eyes, things can change. As if by some form of alchemy, the clouds part and you see things in a more positive light.  Your heart lifts – even if there’s no ‘good’ reason for it to.
  8. It can take courage to live your life in a state of hope.
  9. Faith is living in hope.  Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.


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