8 Simple Truths About Enoughness

Posted by Jill Chivers in Simple Truths


This is a topic I have grappled with a lot over the last 5 years. I’ve learned a lot about enoughness during that time. Here are 8 simple truths about enoughness.

  1. We each get to choose what is enough for us, in every area of our lives. Your enoughness point may be different to mine. Or we may have a similar enoughness point in one area, but a vastly different one in another. It’s all personal.
  2. The context in which we live doesn’t support connecting with feelings of personal enoughness. Our world isn’t geared toward supporting you to find and live at your personal level of enough. It’s geared toward the exact opposite.
  3. We live in a world that glorifies achievement, advancement, striving and other subtle ways of telling us that we aren’t enough as we are now. How could we possibly be enough, if there’s another smart phone that has one teensy little technological “advancement” on it that our current phone does not have? Or if there’s another level of success to strive toward? Or if we don’t have, or aren’t with, or aren’t doing… whatever it is they’re selling.
  4. Finding and living your own enoughness is a personal practice. It is a daily choice, and will only ever be maintained through daily and mindful practice.
  5. Enoughness is a focus within. It is a checking process of what you need – for your soul and spirit, for your heart, for your mind, and for the practical realities of your world.
  6. There are many distractions to take your attention away from that within-focus. This is why daily and mindful practice is so important.
  7. If you believe you are enough, that your relationships with others are enough, that you have enough right now – then it will infect every other part of your life. Feeling and living your own enoughness has the power to transform your life.
  8. Often, if not almost always, finding your own enoughness point is a matter of reflection and quiet inner work. It needn’t take long. But enoughness first and foremost is an attitude. And you have the power to change your attitude in an instant.
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