7 Simple Truths About Sales

Posted by Jill Chivers in Simple Truths


  1. Sale is quite literally a 4-letter word.
  2. Sale can be figuratively… well, not exactly a 4-letter word (a swear word or profanity) exactly, but certainly a word that evokes a strong reaction. One that inspires a sense of urgency to your buying behaviour. This is deliberate on behalf of the seller.
  3. Sales can be genuine where the items discounted are indeed being sold at a lower price than originally sold for. This is usually to clear the items to make way for new, incoming merchandise. These genuine sales can offer great deals, and be a good bargain for you if it’s an item you’ve clearly identified you want, you need and will use.
  4. Sales can be bogus where the ‘original purchase price’ is artificially inflated, then a sale price applied to the item making it appear the item is discounted. When in fact it’s being sold for what it would be sold for in any case. Buyer beware!
  5. If you wouldn’t pay full price for it, you should give serious consideration to why you are buying it just because it’s on sale.
  6. If the only reason you’re buying something is because it’s on sale, then it’s highly likely this is an item you don’t need, won’t want once you own it, and won’t use. This is called a “wasted purchase”. Not recommended.
  7. Combined with the word “shoe”, the word “sale” may be responsible for more purchasing dollars spent than on any other item sold in the history of the world (okay okay, don’t ask me for proof, I don’t have any. But there’s got to be some truth to it, don’t you think?)


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