6 Simple Truths About Attitudes

Posted by Jill Chivers in Simple Truths


An attitude is defined as a “settled way of thinking or feeling about something”.   Attitudes represent a predisposition or tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person or situation.  Attitudes influence the actions we take, and how we respond to life’s experiences and challenges.

Here are 6 simple truths about attitudes, to ponder and enjoy:

  1. Even if you aren’t clear on what your attitude is in your head, your body will often know. And your body will usually convey your attitude – whether you want it to or not.
  2. Your attitudes are visible, and ‘feel’able. Even if you never open your mouth to voice what your attitude is about something, we can usually see it, and feel it. It comes across in facial expression, in posture, in a feeling around you that we pick up on.
  3. Attitudes are contagious. This is why we often feel a lift in our mood when we’re around happy people, and can feel a bit down after watching a sad movie or bad news story.
  4. It’s possible to change your attitude, if you choose. No attitude, on any topic, is set in stone, including those we have picked up in childhood and thought were utterly immovable. With enough provocation, reason, information or insight, attitudes can be shifted – turned 180 degrees sometimes.
  5. Some people would sooner literally die than change their attitudes on some things, which is not only a shame but completely unnecessary when you consider how free we are to change our attitudes on any topic, if we so choose.   Holding onto an attitude is not necessarily a badge of honour, especially not if the consequences are great and the price of continuing to hold a particular attitude is very high.
  6. Attitudes affect the quality and ‘flavour’ of your life. Your attitude is the lens through which you experience what is happening to you, and depending on your attitude, that lens may be any colour from rose to black!
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