11 Simple Truths About Accessories

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Accessories are the difference that make the difference. Accessories have the power to turn an okay outfit into an outstanding one, to from “yeah” to “yeah baby!”

Here are 11 simple truths about accessories:

  1. Accessories provide interest to your outfit.  Without them, it’s too easy to become bored with your wardrobe. Your outfits, even those you love, can become boring to you, because they’re always the same. Accessories add a flavour and zest to even the most casual of ensembles.  You often don’t need more than one accessory to upstyle an outfit.
  2. The key to successful accessorizing is to find and wear accessories in your style.  There is a style that suits every woman and every style. Successful accessorising is wearing only those accessories that work for you.
  3. Adding accessories isn’t something to be done Just For Good – accessorising is for Every Day.  When you get into the swing of it, adding an accessory, or two, or three, will feel like a natural way to complete an outfit, even if you’re working from home and no-one but the postman and the cat will see what you’re wearing. You’ll not only see it, but you’ll feel it – and that is a great reason to wear more accessories!
  4. No outfit is truly complete without accessories. Until accessories are added, you have an outfit that is a work-in-progress, an only partially completed canvas. Accessories finish your look.
  5. How you accessories and your favourite go-to pieces can change over time. Your accessories are not carved in stone! If you once favoured classic pearls and low-key gold, there’s nothing to say you can’t now wear big wooden beads, blingy brooches and huge costume rings. All at once, if you choose.
  6. Developing a wardrobe of accessories can take time. It’s worthwhile to develop a curated wardrobe of accessories so that you always have something fabulous to pop on, no matter what your mood or the occasion.
  7. Accessories extend the life of your clothes and familiar ensembles.  With a change of accessories, an outfit you were so familiar with it felt like part of the family can have a new lease of life injected into it, it can become fresh and new (well, new-ish) again, and it can be given a new lease of life and a new place in your wardrobe.
  8. Accessories tie your ensemble together.  They create interesting detail where clothes are simple or plain.  They can be ‘bridging’ pieces to make this go with that perfectly!
  9. Accessories add personality to your look and give you an opportunity to express your unique personal style. What do you feel like wearing? What feels like ‘you’? Ask these questions and see what answers appear!
  10. Accessories add versatility.  With a change in accessories you can wear the same ensemble over and over but it looks and feels different, as you’ve added different accessories and have created a different look. This is especially helpful when packing and travelling.
  11. Accessories can be the starting point of creating a unique ensemble that makes you look and feel great – they needn’t be the final consideration and pieces you add once you’re already dressed.


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