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I’m an advocate for and talk a lot about conscious shopping.  This kind of shopping is a Before, During and After activity where you feel good during each stage:

Before you even enter the mall or shopping district you are clear and conscious about what brought you there including all those context things – the emotional reasons, the social reasons, the practical reasons, the financial considerations and so on.

During the shopping experience you are tuned in and aware of what’s happening around you and for you.

After shopping, you’re clear on what the shopping experience brought to you, and when you have consciously shopped your feeling state afterwards is positive – you feel good about your purchases, it’s a ‘clear and clean’ feeling with no shame, guilt or embarrassment in sight.

Strategies to keep you on track when you're out shopping

Strategies to keep you on track when you’re out shopping

For those of us who have overshopped (or are still overshopping), we need ongoing shopping strategies to help keep us on track during the During part. These strategies act as a handrail for us when we are often at our most vulnerable – in a shopping environment.

Simple yet Powerful Strategy

Here’s a simple yet powerful shopping strategy to help you when you are in a shopping environment.  If you are considering purchasing two items – say a pair of boots in one store and say a handbag in another…. or a necklace in one store and a belt in another… then instead of buying everything – pick just one.

This strategy interrupts the “I simply have to have it – all of it!” cycle of compulsive and impulsive overshopping and gives you breathing room.

You may also find you’re much happier with one deliberately chosen piece, rather than buying everything that ends up blurring together as a haul.

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