How to Shop Consciously and Create a Better World

Posted by Jill Chivers in Shopping Strategies

The ‘Sex & The City’ days of assembling a huge wardrobe full of “must have” “bang on trend” items you barely wear are fast drawing to a close.   More and more of us feel an imperative to shop smart and with heart, whilst also living stylishly.

We want to live well and know that our consumption choices aren’t  breaking the bank or hurting the earth.  And shopping constantly or unconsciously doesn’t fit into that picture.

Whilst the spirit is willing, and often the flesh as well, what is often missing is a set of guidelines, some inspiration and information points, on how to go about conscious shopping.  What can you do? Where do you start?

Approached in the right way, you can create and enjoy a wonderful – and working – wardrobe that reflects who you are (your unique and stylish self) and makes you feel good about everything you purchase and currently own.

You can experience a sense of lightness and even joy when you get dressed every day, with a wardrobe that has been built on a foundation of consciousness.

And most importantly, you can feel GREAT about the shopping that you do decide to do.

And that’s what we’re all about here – Inspiring you to think differently about the shopping you do and the items you already own….  Challenging you to make better use of what you already have… Providing you specific support and action items to take you there…. and Motivating you to become more conscious in your shopping and more creative in your everyday choices.


I’ve been keeping you up to date in the last few weeks with the renovations on the Mini Course, and now I’m super excited to tell you that the new & improved Conscious Clothes Shopping 6 Week Mini Course is open for business!

Yes, friends, you can head on over to the website to read all about what’s in store for you and sign up to start your conscious clothes shopping journey straight away.

Click here to check it out now!  (and here’s the link typed out in case the hyperlink is playing up:

We’ve got lots to share with you on that page about who the mini course is for, how it’s put together, what’s in it and what you’ll get out of participating in it.

So please come on over and check it out, and sign up if the mini course calls you – I hope it does.  I am so looking forward to sharing part of your conscious clothes shopping journey with you!





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