Your Shopping Year In Review: 15 Questions

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The end of the year is a traditional time to take a moment, pause, reflect, and allow some wisdom to surface about the year that has been.

I’m seeing quite a few posts and articles around on ways to glean some insight about 2012, and ways to set yourself up for 2013.  I like these posts and articles although sometimes I find myself feeling tired before I’ve even finished reading them – it all feels like a lot of hard work!

So here’s my suggestion for the shopping reflection questions I have for you below:

Don’t try to answer them.

Yes you heard that right.  Don’t try to answer them.

Instead, pick one that you like – or let it pick you — and just roll it around in your head, heart and soul.  Like a delicious sweet (lolly/candy) – just savour the taste and texture of it, without trying to do anything.

What this approach does is it allows a different part of your brain and being to engage.  Perhaps the more playful, light, wise part of you.

It takes the feeling of it being hard work out of the equation.

It allows for an answer to surface, rather than an answer to be found.  Note where the action takes place in each of those alternatives.

So if that appeals to you, then read the following list of shopping reflection questions, allow one of them to choose you and sit with it, soak in it, taste and feel the question…. and see what happens from there.


Shopping Reflection Questions

  1. What parts of my shopping (behaviours, attitudes, habits) in 2012 do I feel good about?
  2. What parts of my shopping in 2012 do I wish I’d done differently?
  3. What did I learn about myself, and my shopping habits, in 2012?
  4. What can I take from those learning’s into next year?
  5. How did I become more of the conscious consumer I wish to become, in 2012?
  6. What else can I be doing, in 2013, to become more of the conscious consumer I wish to be?
  7. What is most memorable about 2012, in relation to my shopping?
  8. If I were to create new, better, memories for 2013, what would those be?
  9. How do I want 2013 to be, in relation to my shopping?  What do I want more of? Less of? Who do I want to be?
  10. If there were no obstacles to me becoming the conscious consumer I wish to be, what would I change right now? In the next 3 months? In the next 6 months?
  11. What questions am I avoiding that I really need to be having, about the shopping I do and the shopper I am?
  12. What acknowledgements do I need to make, about myself and my shopping?
  13. What difference would those questions (their answers, ie) and those acknowledgements have?
  14. What do I know I could do, in relation to being the conscious consumer I wish to be, if only I took some action, believed in myself, stuck to it, etc?
  15. What support do I need to become the conscious consumer I wish to be?  What skills, knowledge, information?  What personal support and ‘safe place and space’?

I hope one of these questions finds its way to you, and you allow the time and space for insights (answers) to appear.

Sometimes we make it all too hard for ourselves and we forget there is often an easier and often more effective way.

I believe there is a way for us all to become more consious in our consumption habits and attitudes.  And I also believe there is an imperative for us to do so.

Perhaps one of these questions will be the starting point on your journey to becoming more conscious in the shopping you choose to do.

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