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Sometimes an event happens that makes you stop and rethink everything you ever knew and everything you believe to be true.  The terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11 2001 were such a global event.

Anyone who has seen the images of that dreadful morning will never forget them.  Nearly 3000 were killed but countless millions were injured.  That tragic event reduced life to the simplest of considerations:

who do I love?

what is (was) my life about?

what am I doing (did I do) with my time here on earth?

So today as we remember that appalling tragedy, it’s worth considering how we are living our lives, those of us blessed to be alive.

Because unless we apply those insightful questions to our daily lives, and make changes today to how we are living our precious lives, those questions are reduced to being merely interesting and theoretical.

And life isn’t lived in the theory.

Some questions to ponder

How are you living your life?

Is it a life you truly love to live?  If it isn’t, what changes can you make today, this week, to lead you in the direction of living a life you love to live?

What place is shopping taking up in your life right now?

How much time and energy are you spending on planning, searching, strategizing, justifying, rationalizing about the items you don’t have that you want to buy?

For those of us who have overshopped and impulsively and compulsively shopped, shopping takes up far too large a space and consumes too much of our energy, thought, feeling and time.

Is shopping in its rightful place in your life?

If shopping isn’t in  its rightful place in your life, what can you do today, this week, to start to put shopping into its rightful place in your life? (here’s 3 ways to stop all that planning, justifying, searching and strategizing; and here’s some reasons why you want to stop shopping).

It’s startling simple, really

Life, in all its glorious complexity and chaos, is amazingly simple when you boil it down to its most essential parts.

I sincerely believe that happiness is the ultimate currency – not the number of shoes you have or the size of your closet, or your house, or any of the other external measures so many of us are using as a yardstick to measure the quality of our lives.

The more I reflect on that principle, the easier decisions are to make about what I spend not only my money on, but my attention on.  I don’t want to spend my precious attention on those fabulous apple green patent shoes found online, or on any other material possession that temporarily catches my attention.

I want to spend my attention, time and love on the people I want to cherish in my life, the experiences I want to have before I die, and the contribution I can make to this incredible world we live in.

And shopping to excess is simply not a part of that picture.

Precious life



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