Get Ready! 7 Power Questions that Really Work

Posted by Jill Chivers in Attitudes and Habits, Shopping, Clothes and Emotions

Welcome to our final 2011 blog posting.  The end of a year is a unique time.  Unless you’re living in a cave, it’s impossible to be insulated from the Western world’s obsession with clearing out the clutter from the year we’re bidding good-bye to, and finding smart ways to herald in the new year.

If your 2011 was anything like mine, it was a mixed bag.  Of successes and learning’s.  Of accomplishments and smiles, and some tears and question marks.  You may have set yourself goals that you exceeded, just met, or forgot about by February.  You may be feeling optimistic about the year ahead – revved up and ready to go.  Or you may wonder if it’ll be just the same, or worse, than 2011.

The mistake many of us make is to skim through the end of the year without taking a moment to stop and reflect.  This doesn’t have to take long – 10 minutes is long enough to have an insight in.  10 seconds is long enough.

It’s tempting to believe it’s only sentimentalists who reflect on the year that’s gone.  It’s tempting to think the answer is out there – that if you listen to just one more expert, you’ll know, you’ll be enlightened, you’ll be let into the inner circle of those who “get it”. 

The answer is less out there than it is in here.  And taking a moment or two to reflect on these questions will give you access to the wisdom within.  The wisdom that can lead to that single A-Ha, that moment of insight, that could change everything.

So give yourself the gift of this time.  Take 10 minutes right now.  Yep – no time like the present!  And allow the answers to these 7 power questions to come into your awareness:

  1. What was 2011 like for you? If 2011 were a car, or a dog, or a country – how would you characterise the year?
  2. What were the big hurdles from 2011?  How did you overcome them (did you overcome them)?
  3. What were the great joys of 2011? How did you acknowledge and celebrate, and really feel, them?
  4. Where did you let yourself down in 2011?  What feelings went along with that?
  5. How was your shopping behaviour in 2011?  What are you proud of? What are you embarrassed about?
  6. When you think of 2012, what comes to mind?  What pictures do you see?  What sounds do you hear?  What thoughts come to mind? What feelings do you connect with?
  7. Imagine it’s the end of 2012.  Close your eyes and bring that picture into clear focus.  It’s December 28, 2012.  You are looking back on the best year yet.  Tell me about it.

Take the time – it’s not just those L’Oreal girls who are worth it – you are, too.

2012:  The Year Without Clothes Shopping

And if you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t made the commitment to join us yet – make the decision to day to make 2012 the year you create shopping behaviours that make you proud.  You cannot possibly imagine or guess what a year without clothes shopping is like.  You can only experience it. 

Women doing our program right now report breakthroughs every week.    They are finally getting a grip on what has driven their unconscious overshopping in the past, and are breaking free of the dead weight that is a compulsion to shop. 

If you want to set that heavy burden down and journey back to a healthy relationship to shopping – now is the time.  Come join us today.

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