The Three Stages of Conscious Shopping

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In this video post, Imogen Lamport, my friend and colleague, discuss conscious shopping .

I meet many women who want to shop better, shop smarter, and shop with less hassle.  They want to feel good about the shopping they choose to do.

In this video we discuss what conscious shopping is, the three stages of conscious shopping and how you can start to shop more consciously.

Key points about conscious shopping include:

  • Conscious shopping is about feeling good about the shopping you do before, during and after every shopping trip you take.  These are the three stages of conscious shopping.
  • 41% of women hide purchases from their partners.  Conscious shopping is done with an attitude of transparency and honesty – you freely and happily share with others how much you shop and the place shopping has in your life.
  • The first important step to becoming  more conscious in your current shopping is awareness – how do you shop now? what are your shopping patterns? what is your shopping like now? what place does shopping have in your life now?
  • The shopping environment is an important influencer of our shopping – we are being deliberately and constantly manipulated by advertising and marketing activities that are designed to have us buy when we are in a shopping environment.  Recognise this environment while you are out and about in a shopping environment.
  • Use the Power Pause to put some space between you and a potential purchasing decision.
  • We spend 40% less if we shop with a list and prepare for every shopping trip we take.  This puts you in control of your shopping experience.
  • Conscious shopping is about empowering you as the consumer.
  • Use shopping assistants to support you in the shopping you choose to do – not to convince you to buy something you may later regret or don’t really even like or want.


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