About the e-postcards

On this site you’ll find 365 postcards to help you shop less and live more – one for every day of the year.  These postcards provide a year’s worth of ideas and inspiration for things you can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into your life … instead of shopping.

I created these postcards, they are the product of my imagination and work – and a lot of love.  They are a contribution I dearly wanted to make to the movement of conscious consumption.

I wanted to share this central idea — that life, rich, full and happy, is found in the things we do, the people we love, and the contribution we make.  And that when we turn our attention to those things, instead of the acquisition of more and more things, our life does indeed become richer, fuller and happier.

And these postcards are my way of making that idea tangible.

You won’t find these postcards anywhere else, they are a unique offering from me.  They are one of a number of resources and products I’ve created to help people find joy and fulfilment in their lives apart from shopping.

These postcards are an invitation.  They invite you to think about, to feel toward, and to explore other things to apply your precious energy, talents and time to – apart from shopping.


5 in a row

These postcards are based on a few complementary principles about the way human psychology works, and how real and lasting change happens.

Visit here to find inspiration for your life – besides shopping.  All 365 postcards appear here throughout the year, and access to them is completely free.  A new postcard appears here every day – for you to be inspired by and take action using.  Enjoy!

Expand your focus

These postcards are based on the principle that when our attention becomes too narrow and singular, as can be the case when your attention is focused on shopping for more and more things all of the time, it’s helpful to have a range of other ideas at the ready to focus your attention on.

The universal principle at play here is that our thoughts are in a constant state of movement – thoughts in, thoughts out, all the time.  If we don’t do anything to hold onto a particular thought (for example, “I love those red patent heels, they’re utterly gorgeous, I’ve never seen anything like them ever before, and they’re on sale!  I must, must, must have them!”), then that thought will pass of its own accord, and another thought will come in its place.

Particularly if we allow the gentle process of new thoughts coming into our minds to take its natural course.  This process of thoughts outthoughts in doesn’t need to be forced or made to happen, but it does need to be allowed.

So if we have a steady stream of other potential thoughts to fill our minds, such as are on the 365 Shop Less And Live More postcards, then it makes it easier to stop thinking about, or obsessing (as some of us who have shopped to much have done and occasionally still do) over, an item of clothing, or pair of shoes or earrings, or any other adornment for the body which has temporarily yet firmly captured our attention.

Shake things up

These postcards invite you to change your routine, to break old, familiar, unconscious habits, and to shake up your life.  When you change what you’re doing, you open yourself up to new possibilities – who knows what might happen when you shake up what you’re doing every day, and how you’re doing it?

Changing your life happens one day, one behaviour, one habit at a time.  And one of the best ways to make change happen in your life is to take small steps in a different direction.  You don’t need to commit to lifelong change – just to doing the small things on each day’s postcard.

It’s a circular process – when you behave differently, you think differently, which leads to more different behaviour.   And that’s why this is one of the easiest ways to invoke change in your life. It happens almost without you realising it.

And in this way, your life, and all that is possible for you, starts to expand.

You start to look at life differently.  You start to imagine what might be possible.  You start to see yourself in a fresh new light.

Access all areas

Very few people find that change happens in only one area of their lives.  If you change how and where you work, your home life is affected, as are your finances and your health (usually).  If you take steps to improve your health, your relationships will likely also be improved, and your wellbeing is likely to improve too.

This is why these postcards are so effective.  They don’t address just one part of your life, such as style or personal presentation and self-expression.

These postcards invite you to explore and play in many areas of your life.

Because that’s how you live your life – in all its many, glorious parts.  You don’t compartmentalise your life as you’re living it – it all happens in one enmeshed experience, with various elements overlapping and intertwining.

And like dominoes falling, it’s fascinating to see how change in one area can cause change in another area of your life, often with great ease and grace.

Making change fun

This kind of change is almost always fun. Why?

Because it’s experimental – just give it a try!  There’s no way to fail, no way to do it wrong – so long as you give it a go!

It’s short-term – it’s just for today. You don’t have to do the daily suggestions more than once (today),  if you choose not to.

It’s small – they are little things you can try out. Every idea can be done in a short period of time, and doesn’t take much to do (usually).

It’s fresh and different – what new thing will I be invited to do tomorrow?  Will tomorrow’s idea be as quirky and fun as today’s was?

And when things are enjoyable, fresh and experimental, you start to reframe how you think and feel about change.  Maybe it isn’t quite so arduous, time consuming and difficult as you think it is!

Small changes can lead to big differences.  Shaking up what you normally do has the potential to transform so many things in your life.

And that’s what I wish for you.

I hope these postcards inspire you to come up with your own and other ways to live your life more fully and on your own terms.  Because that’s what I want for you – a full, rich and happy life, lived on your own terms.

Life is to be lived, not spent

Your life is too precious for anything less than to be deeply and richly lived, every moment of every day.

And I know firsthand that life, real and wonderful, isn’t found in buying more and more stuff, or spending more time in the mall.


5 in a row - 2

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