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Visit here to find inspiration for your life – besides shopping.  All 365 postcards appear here throughout the year, and access to them is completely free.  A new postcard appears here every day – for you to be inspired by and take action using.  Enjoy!

Shopping as a national pastime is something we’ve all gotten used to.  There are so many opportunities to shop, with stores open longer and longer hours, and online shopping giving us the opportunity to buy 24/7.  Many of us looking for a good life have found ourselves in the pursuit of shopping more often than we’d really like.  We’re shopping too much, for too many things we aren’t using and often don’t need or even want.  And yet we’re not feeling fulfilled, despite all the goodies we’re getting.

And we know it’s a waste.  We’re aware of all the time, money, energy, thought and emotion that’s going into shopping – and yet shopping hasn’t been living up to its promise.  We aren’t getting what we really seek.

Connection.  Joy.  Happiness.  Meaning.  Belonging.  Contribution.

These are the things we so often seek in our lives.  These are the things we really want.  And we’re discovering that, despite our best efforts, shopping just isn’t delivering.  We aren’t getting what we want, despite accumulating so many things.

But there is some good news.  And there is a better way.

There is a way to feel good about your life and your place in the world on a daily basis – without using shopping as the means to that feel-good state.

There is a way to live your life richly, fully and happily – without cramming more stuff into it.

There is a way to lay down the burden of too much shopping – and to live your life lightly and gently.

There is a way to bring inspiration, joy and fulfilment into your life … instead of shopping.

If you …

  • Love shopping and think of it as your favourite hobby … and know deep down that you’ve put shopping in a glorified place in your life and made it too important
  • Shop frequently – perhaps every day or at least weekly — and know that it’s just too much … you’re just spending too much time and money on ‘incoming’
  • Have a lot of stuff – clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, and all the rest … but aren’t using all of it, perhaps not using even a quarter of it
  • When you’re not shopping, you’re thinking about shopping, perhaps even obsessing over some item (or many items) you’ve seen in the stores or online … and feel that your shopping is not quite under control – it just can’t be healthy to be thinking so much about shopping and things you want to buy
  • Keep the extent of your shopping a secret from others … and feel bad about not being honest about how much you buy or how much shopping consumes you
  • Realise that you need to shop less … but aren’t sure where to start or how to do it
  • Want to live your life fully, richly and joyously … and know that shopping isn’t the pathway to living that kind of life

Then these Shop Less and Live More inspirational postcards are for you.

I know firsthand that life, real, full and wonderful, isn’t found in buying more and more stuff, or spending more time in the mall.

Your life is far too important to be spent – your life should be lived!

I’ve created 365 postcards to help you live, not spend, your life every day.  The postcards change every day here on the website, and are intended to provide a whole heap of ideas and inspiration for things you can do to bring joy, calm and fulfilment into your life … instead of shopping.

If you enjoy these daily postcards of inspiration and would like to have the entire set yourself, you can purchase a PDF of the full set for only $19.