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Shop Your Wardrobe The Book is now available for purchase in eBook format.

10 years in the making, Shop Your Wardrobe chronicles the ups and downs of Jill’s own year without clothes shopping, and brings together the most significant Aha’s and takeaways she learned about conscious clothes shopping and developing an authentic, personal style. It’s part memoir and part how-to and she’s thrilled to be celebrating her 10-year anniversary with the release of this book.

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If you’re in Australia, you can use the Amazon AU link or if you’re in the UK, use the Amazon UK link.

“Her journey of success is inspiring. A can’t put down read, that provides proof that we can all succeed on this journey!” – Caroline


For any woman who has ever stood in front of a full wardrobe and lamented she has “nothing to wear”, the idea that you can shop too much isn’t too much of a stretch.

Jill Chivers’ personal challenge to have a year without clothes shopping changed her life. She was shopping too much for things she didn’t need and sometimes didn’t even want, adding and adding to an already full and glorious walk-in wardrobe. She had no idea what was driving her overshopping, and knew she needed to find out before all that shopping bankrupted her joy in life. Jill spent a year ‘shopping her wardrobe’ and discovered that shopping is not “just shopping” – it comes loaded with emotion, with manipulation, with baggage. Jill’s ‘year’ changed her, and a decade down the track, she is no longer gripped by a compulsion to overshop; how she shops now has radically changed since she completed the challenge.


“Little did I know how seriously engaged I would be from the onset, following her on the streets of Berekley, holding my breath over what she would do with the leopard coat, and somewhat shocked by the revealing admission at the end of that excursion. I was hooked.” – Louise

This book is part memoir and part how to. In Jill’s conversational style, the first part of this book chronicles Jill’s ‘year’ and gives you a glimpse into what prompted her deep burning desire for change. Jill explores concepts of style (and how it differs radically from fashion), about consumption, and about the environment in which we shop and how it influences and manipulates us, so often without our being conscious of it. The final two chapters are dedicated to how you can shop less and have more style:

  • Why you might consider taking a shopping hiatus –and what will help and hinder you if you do
  • Five upsides to taking a break from all that shopping
  • How to shop (yep, even seasoned shoppers can make costly mistakes)
  • Nine strategies for online shopping
  • How to create a nourishing wardrobe (and stop buying fast fashion)
  • Ways to become a more conscious clothes shopper
  • How you can create your own wonderful, working wardrobe

Combining Jill’s captivating story with practical how to’s, Shop Your Wardrobe will encourage those who love style to find their own pathway to shopping less and becoming more stylish on their terms.

“Lots of food for thought in this book. I underlined quite a few passages and know I will go back to it again and again in the future.” – Susan

About the Author

Jill Chivers has always been interested in style, clothes, and identity. Her Barbie Doll family had tortured lives and a huge wardrobe. It’s been a love affair with clothes and style since. Through the process of first discovering then recovering from an overshopping problem by taking a year without clothes shopping, Jill has mastered the creative art of shopping her wardrobe and expressing her style from the inside out – the living definition of authentic personal style. Jill is the creator of the world’s first online program for women who shop too much and want to stop.  Through her free resources, hundreds of articles, and premiere programs, Jill has helped women around the world to redefine their relationship to shopping, reclaim an essential part of themselves,  and realise that it is possible to shop less and have more style.

“I am forever changed by this book. As a shopping addict in recovery, every page of this book resonates with me. I literally identify on EVERY single page. There are laugh out loud moments. There are tears in my eyes moments. There are nodding in agreement moments. Jill’s account of the brain numbness that we experience when on a buyers high, the complete regrets after a shopping spree, her feelings of shame & her eventual triumph over her addiction, is raw, true and authentic. She admits to being vain and too concerned about how she looks. And I go, YES! YES, me too!!! This book is a must read for every woman in the world, whether or not you have a shopping addiction. It could be fiction, it’s that hilarious at times…” – Adri


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If you’re in Australia, you can use the Amazon AU link or if you’re in the UK, use the Amazon UK link.

“… the primary reason Shop Your Wardrobe is ideal for this year, is that Chivers gives example after example of how creativity helps human beings deal with unusual situations. Not clothes shopping for a year isn’t quite the same as a global pandemic but creativity helps us deal successfully with crisis and Chivers offers plenty of opportunities there: learning to cook, jewelry re-making, love-to-do lists, FNOFEP (ya hafta read the book for this one).” – Lowell

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