Why Your Clothes are Not Like Fine China

Posted by Jill Chivers in Shop Your Wardrobe Strategies, Videos

Your clothes are not fine china – you don’t have to keep them “for good”.  Which is what so many of us do – we assign some of our clothing as being “For Good Only” and those items simply don’t get as much wear as they should.

From a “cost per wear” perspective, these clothes simply don’t pay their way in our wardrobe.  Plus, the message we send to ourselves when we don’t wear our nicest clothing is that we aren’t good enough to wear “best” on a regular or even daily basis.

My top 3 tips for making sure you don’t treat your clothes like fine china:

  1. Mix in your “only for good” items into your regular daily outfits.  This  might be wearing that lovely jacket out for coffee instead of the more casual cardigan you have on right now… those tailoured pants with a more casual top combination (t-shirt with a printed scarf or cami with a coloured shrug, for example) as a work-from-home ensemble … that fabulous coloured or funky handbag instead of your daily dutiful bag.  It doesn’t have to be a luxury item to make you feel fabulous – just mix in one or two of your “best” pieces at least a few times a week, if not every day.
  2. Organise your wardrobe so that the “only for good” items are easy to see and access.  Don’t store them away from your regular clothes or in special bags or boxes (unless it’s absolutely necessary for the preservation of the item in some way).  We don’t wear items we can’t see or access, so make sure that you can easily reach for those “best” items in your closet.
  3. Don’t buy ‘second best’.  If you are out and about shopping and considering buying an item, consider if this item is second best, or if it’s in the “best” category.  Stop buying junk clothes – you’re better off with only one item of better quality than multiple items of poor quality.



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