Renovating Leopard Print Wellington Boots

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One of the best ways to shop your wardrobe is to renovate, upstyle, revamp and make over existing items that have lost their shine, use or fit.

I’ve written about this before (see here) and today I’d like to showcase a renovation project I did recently.  My leopard print Wellington boots.

These boots I purchased for about $30 in Kmart about 6 or so years ago.  I have seen these exact same boots in chic boutiques, and online, for 4 times that price.  Go Kmart, huh?

The state they’re in

The state they were in was fine up to a point.  Specifically the point where our little dog (who has since gone onto another home for reasons I won’t get into) chewed the rubber buckles off the top.

renovating wellies - 1

The fix

The idea I came up with to fix this was to cover the tops with some faux fur.  This would cover up the chewed up bits, and give them a new lease of life.  They’d also be very handy if I ever ended up needing to perform some kind of Cossack dancing routine.

Step 1

Obtain materials.  Glue, paintbrush for glue, scissors, fabric.  I chose a not especially furry faux fabric, although I could have chosen one that would have given the rug in Elvis’ Jungle Room a run for its money (tres furry).

But this short nap black faux fur seemed to offer the best option for wearability.  I wouldn’t look like a diseased yeti, and the top of the boot wouldn’t bulge out like a bloated boar, so I could still wear the boots under jeans.

renovating wellies - 2

Once I had everything laid out on my newspaper on the kitchen bench (always good to put newspaper down, especially if you’re a messy worker like me – I simply cannot help getting paint or glue or glitter or whatever it is, all over the place, including myself), I started by simply placing my faux fur around the top of the boot to see what it would look like (“Fabo!” was my conclusion) and to guestimate how much fur I’d need per boot.  Notice the lack of measuring device.  Some may prefer to measure exactly, I was content with “thereabouts”.

Let the gluing begin

Once I knew where I was headed, it was time to start the gluing.  I phaffed about for quite a while before committing to this gluing process, for fear I’d make some irreversible or unfixable error.  Which of course was impossible, because I wasn’t dealing with that kind of quick drying glue.  Or an atomic bomb.  These are just rubber boots, people!

Right.  Gluing.

I started by gluing the inside of the boot with the faux fur.

renovating wellies - 3

Let the gluing continue

Once I had the faux fur glued inside, it was time to move onto the outside of the boot.

renovating wellies - 4

Next to press down the outside so the fur was smooth, and didn’t resemble some strange hybrid corrugated iron for a fetishist.

I found my smoothing-down-faux-fur mojo was best aided with the glue paintbrush in my mouth.  But you may prefer to put yours down on your work countertop.

renovating wellies - 5


And then they were done.  Brilliant!  Let the Cossack dancing begin!

renovating wellies - 6

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