Getting the Most From Your Accessories: Layering Necklaces

Posted by Jill Chivers in Shop Your Wardrobe Strategies, Videos

In this short video with Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style blog, we talk about one way you can add more interest and variety to your accessorizing, and in particular, how to layer necklaces.

Too often, we allow ourselves to get bored with our accessories – we only ever wear them one way, and we often wear them with the same outfits and the same accessories.

It can just get a bit dull after a while.

Watch this short video for some inspiration on how to get more from your accessories by layering necklaces:

Top tips for getting the most out of your accessories:

  1. If you’re feeling a little bored with your accessories, rather than go out and purchase new ones (even in this fast fashion age where accessories can be bought for only a handful of dollars), try new combinations from your existing pieces.  Mix your necklaces together, like we show in the video, or mix up the accessories you normally wear together – wear those earrings with a different necklace, a different bangle or bracelet, add a brooch instead, pop on a scarf.  Let go of any unhelpful rules you might be holding onto and get creative.  And remember that your clothes are not fine china, and neither are your accessories!  Wear those ‘good’ items, mix them in with other pieces, and get greater enjoyment and use out of them!
  2. If it’s new to you to combine accessories in new ways, make it as easy (and fun) as possible, by looking for a general colour relationship between the pieces you are combining in new ways.  The colours don’t have to match exactly, and often they look best if they don’t actually, but they do have to coordinate.
  3. Try a new combination for at least a day to see how you feel, and look, wearing your accessories in new ways.  It’s one thing to play around in the safety and seclusion of your closet, it’s another to try out a new accessory combination for an entire day.  You won’t really know how you feel in a new combination until you’ve given it a decent trial run, so throw yourself into it, have some fun, be playful, and see what happens!
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