We Don’t Wear What We Can’t See: The Importance of an Organised Wardrobe

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Why is having an organised wardrobe essential to shopping in it?  What are a professional organiser’s top tips for organising your wardrobe?  And how do you get started with organising your wardrobe?

For many women who overshop, or have overshopped, one of the reasons they continue to add, add, add is because they can’t see and access everything they already have.  Their wardrobe is not set up like a shop (well, not like a lovely shop you’d want to spend time in – it may be set up like a car boot jumble sale stall!).

They can’t see everything they have.

They can’t access everything they have.

So they don’t know what they have – and they continue to buy more.

Everybody’s wardrobe needs are different, and our professional organiser, Angela Esnouf, encourages us to first get clear on what our own wardrobe needs are.

The upside to an organised wardrobe

  • You’ll wear more of what you have – tapping into the hidden mileage and magic lurking in your closet!
  • You’ll be able to shop your wardrobe – meaning less need to buy more ‘from outside’ (the stores).
  • You’ll enjoy your clothing more – enabling you to create new and unique ensembles from existing items.

And once your wardrobe is organised, you want to keep it that way… Angela advocates daily maintenance to keep your wardrobe space humming like a well oiled machine, and looking  like a gorgeous boutique (or at least a gorgeous corner of a gorgeous boutique).

All this and more in a short video with Angela Esnouf from Creating Order from Chaos, and Month 10 faculty member of the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program.



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