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Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Valery Satterwhite, one of our phenomenal faculty members. 

Valery Satterwhite

Tell us about what you do, your work, your passions and interests

As an Inner Wealth Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker I teach people how to create, live and enjoy a rich delicious life from the inside out.

To the extent that we struggle in any area of our life is to the extent we are disconnected from who we really are, what we really want and our innate ability to achieve our heart’s desire.

Having had to do it for myself, I believe it is my mission to help others leverage, enrich and empower their greatest asset – the fullest expression of their authentic greatness.

My greatest joy is witnessing a client reclaim his or her authenticity, own their innate talents and abilities and boldly create and experience what they once thought was unachievable.  

I serve my clients through my private coaching programs, workshops and books. My two books are: “Money Moxie: How To Transcend The Paradox of Privilege and Liberate Your True Worth” and “You Suck! (Have You Ever Said That To Yourself?) How to Turn Your Fraidy Cat Inner Critic Into a Courageous Confident Fan”. They’re available at

What is your interest in My Year Without Clothes Shopping and conscious shopping?

I believe we are here to enjoy all of the abundance that life has to offer. I also believe, as Henry David Thoreau once said, wealth is the ability to experience a free and full life. And many people think money and things will give us that ability.

Money and material things cannot guarantee our experience. Many people think that money and material things will give them what they need the most.  For example, many women shop (men ‘collect’) to feel better about themselves and their circumstance.

Typically their closets are full of clothes, many of which still have the tags hanging from them. They think that if they buy just this one more Prada bag THEN they’ll be seen as ‘good enough’, ‘worthy enough’ or ‘respected enough’. And they waste a lot of money in this constant and often desperate pursuit of ‘enough-ness’, tenaciously seeking/buying their next ‘feel good’ hit. 

What will we experience from you in the MYWCS program?

You will open yourself up to a profound shift in your relationship with money, things and most importantly, yourself. You’ll discover that the experience you truly desire that motivates you to shop can’t be found in the mall. Experiences are created from within, informed by our inner dialog.

True wealth is an inside job. If you want to experience a free and full life you have to master your relationship with money and material things.

The truth is, NOTHING outside of you can give you what you want. If you want to be seen as ‘good enough’ you have to believe deep down inside that you are good enough.

If you want to be valued and respected you have to first value and respect yourself. There isn’t a Prada bag in the world that comes packaged with self-esteem.

You will learn how to develop a sense of self-worth that exceeds your net worth.  You will shift from making shopping decisions to fill an inner need, an inner hole inside. You might still buy a Prada bag on occasion.  If you do, it will be because you like its beauty, utility and affordability, not because you misguidedly think it will somehow make you a better person or your circumstance any better.

Your financial resources will be invested in what you value most, what feeds your soul, instead of what feeds your ego and fills your overstuffed closet. You’ll feel healthy, free and fulfilled without having to whip out your credit card.

Find out more about Valery on her site.

Learn more about the My Year Without Clothes Shoppign program by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.  You can also learn more about our other phenomenal faculty here.

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