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Welcome to another Shop Your Wardrobe blog posting!  This year, we are going to profile our phenomenal faculty.  These are the experts who have generously contributed much of the My Year Without Clothes Shopping material.

My Year Without Clothes Shopping is designed around the 6 pieces of the overshopping puzzle, which you can read about here.  In short, we believe there are many reasons why women overshop (referring only to those who do, naturally), and we’ve designed the program to address each of these reasons.

What suits me?  The never-ending shopping cycle

One of the reasons that some women overshop is because they don’t know what suits them. They keep buying and buying – hoping they will find items that work for them, but never knowing what really suits them.  This kind of shopping continues the unconscious buying cycle, because there is no overarching strategy to this kind of shopping.  It’s random shopping.

This is “wishing and hoping” powered shopping.  It goes like this: “I wish I could find something that makes me look and feel as great as that purple wrap dress!”

Or ” I hope I find a pair of pants that doesn’t make me look too fat/short/tall/skinny/lanky/broad/boyish”.

This kind of shopping presupposes that there is a mystery to what makes you look, and feel, good.

Guess what?  Shopping doesn’t need to be that mysterious.

Ending the mystery

You can remove the randomness, the wishing and the hoping, from shopping altogether.  How?  By discovering what truly works for you.  When you know the building blocks to creating a truly working wardrobe, you never have to make a shopping mistake ever again.  You know what to avoid like the plague, and you know what to gravitate to.

During My Year Without Clothes Shopping, our 12 month program, we place a considerable emphasis on transforming your relationship with your wardrobe.  The clothes in your closet got in there for a reason!  Our approach is to work closely with what you already have, and to tap into the hidden magic and mileage that is lurking in many women’s wardrobes.

This is our focus in Months 2, 3 5 and 11 in particular.  And we got some serious help to create this amazing, transformative material.

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP, is one of our phenomenal faculty who helps us do this.  In this short video, Imogen tells us more about herself, what her interest in conscious shopping (and the MYWCS program) is, and what you’ll explore in the MYWCS material she has contributed.

It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Imogen in this short video!

And if you’d like to transform your relationship to your wardrobe – come join us!

Learn more about how the program is put together, then when you’re ready – sign up!  We’d love to welcome you to the program.

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