Profiling Angela Esnouf

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Angela Esnouf

We profile another of our phenomenal faculty, Angela Esnouf in this blog posting.  Please to enjoy!

Tell us about what you do, your work, your passions and interests

My business is called Creating Order from Chaos and that is just what I do. I love to help people get the best out of their space and their time by getting organised.

Besides helping people dig out from clutter and disorganisation, I love to travel – from camping by a river far away from mod cons to a luxury cruise in far flung places, I relish it all.

I sing along to music in the car, in the shower, even while browsing in department stores. One of my favourite things is to spend time with my family. A friendly game of Yahtzee with my granddaughter sitting on my knee really makes my day.

My personal motto is Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much, and I try to live that all the time. Part of that is to cherish the moments, the little as well as the big things.

What is your interest in MYWCS and conscious shopping?

In my work I see the effects of over- or compulsive shopping. I see people with overflowing closets but the shopping hasn’t brought happiness or fulfilment. In fact, I’ve seen those overflowing closets actually cause family disharmony, a drain on finances, and a barrier or breakdown to relationships.

From a practical point of view, unconscious shopping creates a lack of space and time. I love the philosophy behind My Year Without Clothes Shopping (MYWCS), but I also love the practical help offered.

My lessons and resources are included in Month 10 of the program.

What will we experience from you in the MYWCS program?

I’m pleased to be a part of MYWCS.  Memberswill learn what makes an organised wardrobe and why it’s beneficial. They’ll get the lowdown on how to quickly sort your clothes into meaningful categories, as well as the most important part of the whole organising process.

Next they’ll hear about the tools and equipment that makes a wardrobe function well and your clothes last longer and stay close to hand.

It all comes with practical step by step exercises to bring the lessons home.

Find out more about Angela on her site, Creating Order from Chaos.

Learn more about the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.  You can also learn more about our other phenomenal faculty here. And when you’re ready to join us, sign up here!

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