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There’s a new series coming on the blog, and it’s called Nifty Notes.  Every Monday here on the blog starting next Monday, a new fresh Nifty Note will be posted here in the Attitudes category, to inspire you to think about your shopping in a fresh new light.

The idea to create Nifty Notes came from a few places.


Firstly because of Facebook.  I have been publishing a post on my Facebook page 3 times a week for about 6 months now.  And whilst I thought the sentiments I was sharing were essentially solid, the posts on Mondays and Fridays were dull.  They didn’t have any visual appeal, and the ideas weren’t as engagingly expressed as I knew I could express them.

Ratchet up the interest factor

So I wanted to create really interesting, shareable posts for Facebook that would be lovely to look at, and delightful to read.  I wanted what I posted on Facebook to be fresh, a bit quirky, thought-provoking, enchanting.  I wanted to create something that people Liked, Shared and enjoyed, got some value out of reading.  And wasn’t like every other meme/postcard being shared out there in social media land.

Easy, right?!

Ha!  Well I’m not the first person on the planet to try this trick out.  It’s a busy busy place out there in social media land – there’s lots of noise and shouting.  It’s like the loudest, most crowded marketplace on the planet.

So I knew if I had any chance of succeeding, I had to do something quite different to what I had been doing with my Facebook posts.

Queen of your Life

Then I can across the Queens.  They want to welcome us to the rest of our lives, and ask: If not now, when?  Which is also one of my favourite quotes about time, and procrastination, and taking action.  I loved their daily postcards, their Queenisms – they had huge visual appeal and a worthwhile sentiment expressed in a charming way.  This lead to more ideas springing up of their own accord…

Shopping photographs

Then I pondered my own store of photographs.  I have taken hundreds of photographs in shopping environments all over the world, from Sydney to San Francisco, and many of them are quite lovely.

Drip, drip, drip… Shebang!

So a thought began to percolate in my brain… if I could take my content about shopping and rework it so it had more charm and intrigue… and use my shopping photographs… Perhaps I could create a cocktail of curiosity that would be worth posting on Facebook.

And if it’s worth posting on Facebook, perhaps I could post it here on my blog as well!

52 Nifty Notes were born

So it all came together, and I spent countless hours creating 52 Nifty Notes (which remained nameless for some time, while I let the potential name of these creations bubble around in my brain until ideas started leaking out).

Which I’m now delighted to be able to share with you.

They start next Monday

Every Monday here on the blog, a fresh new Nifty Note will be posted.  Combining original ideas with original images, they are designed to inspire you to think about your shopping in a fresh new light.

I hope you enjoy them.  They start next Monday! 

You’ll find them all a new Category, Nifty Notes, here on the blog.

Here’s a sneak preview

for Aug 25 post



For more original and thought provoking messages to freshen your thinking about your shopping and your life, check out all the Nifty Notes posts!


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