The Challenge Finishes!

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G’day and welcome to blog posting #98.  Today, My Year Without Clothes Shopping finishes.  It was one year to the day that I started the challenge, which I rather inexpertly blogged about but at least I started on the right foot – by starting.  Every day has led me inexorably to this day.  Amazing how that happens, isn’t it? 

Today I can say:  I did it!!

I’m going to be posting later this week on Lessons Learned.  Today, I’m celebating, in quite a quiet fashion (ha – the pun of it all! Fashion indeed!), the end of an amazing year. 

Today I can say:  I did it!!

Yes, I had one falling off the wagon event during the year, about 3 months into it.  And Yes, I owned up to it (rather obliquely, but nevertheless…).  Finding the silver lining in the experience, it helped me to recommit to the challenge.  Did I really want to do this Year Without Clothes Shopping?  Because if I did, there’d be no more of that.

So today I can say:  I did it!!

On the weekend, I caught up with some old friends.  Well, some are older than others.  That’s us to the left.  Me in the animal print (what a surprise).  The marvellous Gregoire (he gave a guest appearance here, remember?).  And Tara – my bestie who’s photo and name has appeared in this blog, too (and now that I notice it, she’s usually wearing pink).  And Janette in the corner there, whom we all went to university with and have reignited our friendship with only recently.

We met for lunch on Sunday.  This year, like last, our gift to one another was our time together.  Up until 2009, we’d given Christmas gifts to one another.  And do you know, I enjoyed that lunch so much more because there wasn’t a focus on gifts.  The giving was there – in our attention, our time, our discussion about what menu items were the most intriguing and if we should just get an entire bottle.  But the ‘lack’ of gifts actually made the lunch richer.  There’s something about bringing your attention away from The Things and putting them on The People that brings magic and true connection.

And this has links to My Year Without Clothes Shopping.  Without this year, I don’t think I would have come to realise that.

So today I can say:  I did it!!

Thank you to everyone who has been there with me throughout the year.  Some of you have helped in the familiar ways of showing love, support, interest and libation throughout the year. I have welcomed many new friends this year – and what a blessing you are in my life and work.  Members of the Shop Your Wardrobe program, guest contributors to the program, friends in the media and online. Most of whom I didn’t know before this year started, and now I can’t imagine life without.  Hand me a tissue, would you?

Some people have helped in less familiar ways.  It is amazing what obstacles can do to help you commit to a challenge and project.  Those people and events have helped me to realise how much strength and determination I really have.   Bucketloads, it would seem.   Kryptonite?  What kryptonite?

I’ve been lucky:  the shining lights in my life have outshone those who have turned them off, so we’re all good.  Smarter, but good.

So today I can say:  I did it!!

There are two more blog postings to come this year – my Lessons Learned post (#99) and a Where To From Here post (magic #100). I’ll be on Holiday Hiatus after that, from December 22 for a couple of weeks.

In 2011, the focus of this blog will shift from My Story into another direction. 

I will blog around four or five major themes, and post weekly on one of those themes.  I hope you will join us for that – you can sign up here (it’s free!) for those postings if you don’t already receive them fresh into your Inbox now.

But for today I can say:  I did it!!!


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