Same Same but New Somehow

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hi there and welcome to blog #56. You know, one of the things that I have so enjoyed about the challenge is a feeling of rediscovery about my existing clothes. Knowing that there are no new friends to be joining the team of wardrobe dwellers this 12 months, has somehow translated into me feeling more appreciation for the gear I currently have. This has manifested it self in several outstanding ways. I feel the need for bullets coming on. Ready?

No Saving For Good. You know that feeling of “saving this for good”? Like you can’t wear something because it’s only for special occasions. Well, apart from the two evening gowns (well, they’re more dresses than gowns) that I have, I have let that feeling go. I wear ‘good’ stuff on everyday days. This doesn’t mean I’m wearing my Ashley Fogel suit to work in the home office where no-one will see me except Mango the zen princess ragdoll cat. But it does mean that I’m wearing my silk shirts for casual lunches; I’m wearing my animal print All Stars instead of my Uggs in the office; and I’m wearing my jackets on almost every occasion I can get.

More Combos. I’m finding myself being more experimental with the variations I am pulling together. I’m not a set dresser (I talked about this in the Mix’n’Match post) but I realised that I was putting the same combinations together time after time. I feel like I have so many more clothes now because I’m combining different things. Things that have never been paired together before. So, peas and carrots have become peas and chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

Loving it. I’m enjoying my clothes so much more. Maybe it’s because I know they aren’t about to be bumped aside to make room for something new. I’m getting fuller use out of the plentiful supplies I have. You know, some winters I wouldn’t wear some of the jackets I own. This is partly because we don’t really have a winter. We call it winter because it falls in between autumn (which we kinda get here) and summer (which we definitely get here, often for longer than we wished we got it for). This winter, I’ve worn over half my jackets (I have so many that wearing all of them may be a feat). And this Wearing More thing is extending to more than my jackets. I feel like I am using what I’ve got more in all departments. And that feels good.

So, that’s the Wednesday roundup of my feeling good about the challenge. Some days are diamonds and some are stones (thank you, John Denver)… and fortunately there’ve been some diamond days amongst it all. And for that, I’m grateful. Right?

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