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Welcome to blog #74. Today is a positively glorious spring day here in Queensland.  One of those days that promises summer in the most enticing of ways.  It’s also a four-load wash day for me, so that’s another very practical reason I’m so grateful for the sun being out today.  It’ll all dry.

It’s been a big last-four-days for me.  On Thursday, my Mum had her first post-surgery day and was doing well.  We were so relieved that the surgery seemed to have been a success!  I had a great business meeting in Brisbane.  And one of my key contributors for the Shop Your Wardrobe 12 month online program dropped out.  This last bit of news has ended up being a fabulous opportunity… and when you join the program you’ll see why!  The content I have created  for those months over the last 3 days (man, have I been workin’ hard!) is seriously fabulous.  Am I allowed to say that about stuff I wrote myself?  I hope so.  It is Seriously Fabulous.  Come join us on the program and find out for yourself!

Ok, so onto today’s post!  Have you heard about National Swap Day?  Well, if you haven’t, that’s ok – it’s new.  The talented gals at The Clothing Exchange have come up with the brilliant idea and are taking it big. 

Did I mention yet that Juliette of The Clothing Exchange is one of our guest contributors?  Well, we are blessed and thrilled to say that she is!  In Month 9 of the challenge, we are getting some new eyes through which to have some “new perspectives” and Juliette will be one of the contributors helping us with that.  So, if you love what the ladies at The Clothing Exchange are doing, you’ll love that month of the challenge!

So, let’s talk some more about National Sway Day, ok?  It is a seriously good idea.

What is National Swap Day?  Well, it’s a very groovy  and smart-thinking initiative by The Clothing Exchange to promote the simple notion of swapping instead of purchasing in order to acquire something ‘new’ for your wardrobe.   

When is it?  Coming up real soon!  Get your diaries out and take note!  National Swap Day is October 25th.

What is Clothes Swapping?  We started talking about this in July, remember?  In blog #53 we went through some of the fundamentals of swapping.   There are two kinds of swapping – the formalised version (which the gals at The Clothing Exchange facilitate) and informal swapping.  Informal swapping is where you and a bunch of your galpals get together and swap your stuff.  You take a bunch of your gear that you want to off-load and they do the same.  You inspect each others’ stuff, try on a bunch of other stuff and finally take home some ‘new’ items that you didn’t arrive with.  You probably drink some of the bubbly stuff, gossip a bit, get a bit giggly, and tell each other repeatedly that “no, your bum does not look big in that”, even if it’s a handbag they’re trying on.

Formalised swapping is based on similar principles, but with a few rules.  These rules are very necessary to make sure the party stays polite and no-one leaves empty handed or broken hearted.  This is no mean feat!  When you consider that The Clothing Exchange have never cancelled one single event since they started doing facilitating swap events, you realise how skilled (and diplomatic) these young women are. 

Why Swap?  I asked Juliette of The Clothing Exchange this question and here is what she said:

“Well Australia is a pretty wasteful! Our wasteful consumption soars above $10billion each year (according to the TAI’s Wasteful Consumption Study, 2005). And according to the Australian Conservation Foundation; “after food, clothing purchases alone have the second highest environmental impact (in terms of land disturbance, energy and water use) of all our consumption activities”.  By swapping clothing, we can reactivate ‘fashion waste’ so that it becomes active and we can avoid purchasing ‘new’ things unnecessarily”.

What’s happening?  Lots!  Ok, for those needing more information – I have it for you!  Events will be held across Australia simultaneously (nifty!). The Clothing Exchange will be holding events in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. If you are in spitting distance of any of those cities – you should get along to an event, seriously!  And if you don’t, well, the talented young women of The Clothing Exchange have thought of that, too — smaller events outside these cities will also be held (if you would like to hold one of these events, please get in touch with:  For more info, check out their website .

Who’s involved?  Lots of great people and organisations!  National Swap Day has already drawn alot of attention and the event is being sponsored by Frankie Magazine, Ethical Clothing Australia and Fitted for Work.

How can I get involved?  How did I know you were going to ask that question?  Must be psychic today.  The answer is – it’s easy to get involved!  The simplest way is by attending one of the events either held by The Clothing Exchange or by people in your local area … and if you would like to hold an event just get in touch with Juliette!  (she is one seriously friendly lady).

So, over to you!  Please support this great initiative!  And please support our other great initiative – the 12 month online Shop Your Wardrobe course.  You can register here.  Couldn’t make it any easier.  Right?

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