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Is any of this familiar?

  • You’re caught up in the cycle of shopping for more and more, but you’re wearing less and less.  Your wardrobe is jam packed with items that you thought you wanted and needed… and yet you aren’t wearing a fraction of all you have.
  • You want to feel good about your shopping habits, about your clothing and wardrobe, about your finances, and about yourself.  You want to feel that your life is full and interesting and meaningful in your own terms. But right now, that isn’t what’s happening.
  • Shopping for more and more isn’t making you feel good.  At least it’s not making you feel good for longer than it takes to get home and hang up your new clothes in the closet, right next to the other clothes you had such high hopes of and then only wore once, or not at all.

If this is you, you’re not alone.  Far from it.  Like many women-

You’re looking for style in all the wrong places.

And that’s because style isn’t found in the mall.  Sure, you can find fashion in the mall, and you can find pieces you like, or even love.  Clothes, shoes, accessories – it’s all there to be purchased.  But those items won’t give you style.

Style is an “inside job”.

Having lots of clothes doesn’t make you stylish.  I learned this from the year-long program.  I also learned that I am enough and I don’t need more clothes to validate myself as a human being. – Francesca Tulk – My Year Without Clothes Shopping Program Member

The 12 Month Intensive Program

The My Year Without Clothes Shopping 12 Month Intensive Program is designed to help women who shop too much to stop, or at least cut down.

  • For women who don’t know where to start or what to do to stop the cycle of unconscious shopping.
  • Stop searching for style in all the wrong places, and to bring you back home to yourself, to where style really lives.
  • Help you return to a place where you feel good about your shopping, yourself, your wardrobe and your finances.
  • Stop triggered shopping where you’re seeking to fulfill an (often unconscious) emotional need or to fill that “I don’t want to miss out!” emotion that is so often provoked in the messages we receive.
  • Reduce or stop the bad feelings after you shop.  After shopping,  you feel guilty, you feel embarrassed or ashamed, some of you might even feel greedy, and feeling confused and overwhelmed. Stop that terrible feeling of  “Why did I buy all this stuff?! Now I’ve got it, I can’t imagine why I wanted it, and I’m fairly sure I don’t need it!”
  • Stop the cycle of unconscious shopping, and come home to a place where you feel great about yourself, your shopping, your wardrobe and your wallet.
  • Journey back to conscious clothes consumption.

Robyn: I Am a Better Person Than I Realised

I signed up for Jill’s program feeling desperate. Despite repeated attempts to stop clothes shopping and a lot of self-laceration, I had achieved a bad habit over several decades, leading to unsustainable credit-card debt, serious cheating on the family finances and, of course, a lot of guilt.

Jill welcomed me to the rest of my life. Her program is practical, positive and sustaining. It asks for commitment and sometimes asks hard questions, but it’s also fun and very informative. I can’t speak too highly of what it can achieve if you go with it.

Robyn tooRobyn Colman is a cat-lover and retired copyeditor who battles inner chaos and a messy desk. She also reads at industrial speed, listens to jazz and chamber music, and loves C17th Dutch and Flemish art.

Francesca: I Am Enough

When I found Jill and her website, I was immediately drawn to her honesty and thought-provoking concept. Shop My Wardrobe sounded great and as I was $22 000 in credit card debt with nothing except a walk-in wardrobe full of unworn clothes to show for it, I knew I had to take part.

As a result of participating in this program I have come to understand that “I am enough“. I don’t need 50 animal print jackets or two hundred pairs of jeans to validate myself as a human being. Spending thousands of dollars on credit for clothes I didn’t even want, but which for a nano-second made me feel important, just wasn’t worth it.

What I like most about this program is the fact that is is non-judgmental. I received a lot of criticism for what I had done with my money, but never once did I feel I had been a “naughty girl” by Jill. I love that Jill walks her talk and has brought together real people, with real ideas — doable ideas — and all wrapped up in an understanding and caring manner.

Francesca TulkFrancesca Tulk is the Tasmanian Minimalist. As part of her mission to “take control of being a grown up” and rid her life of superfluousness, Francesca decided to take control of her possessions and finances…no more shopping!

Tamara: I Don’t Need to Buy More Things To Enjoy Life

When I initially read about Jill Chivers’ Shop Your Wardrobe program I signed up immediately.

The most important change Shop Your Wardrobe has brought into my life has been the realization that I do not need to buy things or spend money to enjoy life or feel better. Somewhere along life’s journey, I forgot how to say “no” to myself when it came to spending. Jill’s program has provided me with tools to help me say “no” to over-shopping and to enjoy it!

The resources, tools, and materials available throughout this program are so far above and beyond what I ever could have imagined.

I already know that, when my year is complete, I will have made significant and positive changes in my life. And it won’t end there. I will be returning to lessons I want experience more fully.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wears clothes and wants to improve their financial status. It is that good.

Tamara2Tamara Shapiro now has the resources, tools and materials to make positive change to her life – a life she can now experience fully and freely.  Tamara lives in Denver, Colorado.


If you have been caught in the cycle of buying more and more, but are wearing less and less of what you bring home, this program is for you.

I would never have been able to do a year without clothes shopping without this program – the structure in the form of the weekly lessons and tutorials, and the resources in the Members Only area made this possible for me. – Barbara Beizer, Washington

What will you learn?

During the 12 month intensive program, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 reason that has been driving your compulsive shopping habits – and what you can do about it
  • The secret to tapping into the hidden magic in your wardrobe that most women don’t know about
  • How you can cut over 30% of your over-spending and not even notice it (zero ‘emotional cost’) – except in the money you save
  • The big secret to why you have that “I have nothing to wear!” feeling when you look in your wardrobe – and how to correct it so you never have to feel that way again
  • Over 45 strategies to look and feel stylish whilst also being in control of your shopping and your money
  • The 8-step, pain-free way to transform your love of and addiction to shopping into other things you will love even more
  • What your compulsive shopping habits are really costing you and proven ways you can end the insanity
  • How to simply and easily create over 50 completely new outfits – without spending a single cent
  • The hidden strategies and secrets for transforming a wardrobe of any size
  • How to circuit-break the not feeling good—shopping-to-feel-good—not feeling good again cycle that leaves you (and your wallet) feeling continuously empty
  • The fool-proof way of organising what you have – starting with the #1 secret that’ll have you dying to get into your wardrobe
  • How to stop spending your life – and start living it instead

“The depth of this program blew me away.” – Tamara Shapiro, Colorada

What does the program cover?

Inspiration and practical ideas will be delivered fresh into your inbox every week. Every month has a theme, and you’ll be supported by the best and brightest in their field – this program covers everything you’ll need to transform your relationship to shopping, your wardrobe, your wallet and ultimately yourself.

Explore each of the 12 themes over the 12 months on this page.


The program is set up so that every month you’ll be inspired with new ideas and gain practical skills you can start using immediately.

What should I expect when I join?

Why you need this program

Many people who attempt to break bad habits, no matter what they are — from losing weight to stopping smoking to addressing an over-shopping problem, fail.

Why? Because they make this #1 mistake: they don’t set themselves up to succeed because they think they can do it entirely on their own without any help. Personal challenges are exactly that – they are personal to you and they are a challenge for you.

If you could have addressed the situation on your own and using the resources you already have, you most likely would have.

If you have a problem with shopping too much for clothes and you are serious about creating healthier habits, set yourself up to succeed.

Join this 12 month intensive program and put structures in place that give you the greatest chance to achieve your goal of getting your shopping back on track.

Jill has the ultimate street cred.” – Barbara Beizer, Washington

How does it work?

This program has a very deliberate structure and flow to it.

  • The 12 month paid membership program is delivered completely online. So long as you have a computer and access to a printer, you can participate in this program.
  • Each week, you’ll receive a high quality tutorial, covering an aspect of that month’s topic in depth.  This tutorial comes in two parts – a Lesson and a Resource.
  • The weekly Lesson is delivered via email right into your inbox. It arrives the same day and time every week so you can plan for its arrival every week.
  • The corresponding weekly Resource is delivered via our members only area. You log into this private area (with your username and password, provided on registration) to retrieve the weekly Resource, which you can then save, download, print and use.
  • The My Year Without Clothes Shopping 12 month intensive program is created around the six pieces of the clothes over-shopping puzzle. Read more here.

Jill explores all sides of the issue.  I found myself thinking a lot about each weekly lesson.  This program has a depth and sophistication of design that you don’t realise until you are doing it.” – Christine Martell, Oregon

If you have any further questions about how the program works, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or read what others have said about the program on our Success Stories page.

When do I start?

As soon as you sign up, you will secure your place on this program.  You’ll be taken through a quick and easy registration and payment process.  And your year without clothes shopping challenge will start within a few hours.

There are no set start times – your year without clothes shopping starts as soon as you register, pay and sign up.

Join by 30 November 2023

Please note that this program will be closing its doors on 1 December 2023 and will not be available ever again after that time.  If you join by 30 November 2023, the program will run as normal through to the end of your 12 months – nothing will change or be different, it’s just that you will be the last women to do the program.

On 1 December 2023, the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program will be removed from the website and will not be available for anyone to purchase and complete.

As soon as I heard about this program, I joined it.” – Dr Penelope Hooks, Texas

What does it cost?

The 12 month intensive program is $97 for the year.  Yes, that’s the price for the entire year!

This is a premium program and we don’t know of any alternative to this program, anywhere in the world.


At a phenomenally low and easily accessible price, you can join this program and start the journey back to healthy shopping habits now.

“I cut my ‘browsing time’ in half.  I spent 80% less on clothes. I saved over $8000. I realised I don’t need to buy anything new to feel and look good.” – Barbara Beizer, Washington

“I have struggled with money and over-spending for years.  This program set me in the right direction.” – Tamara Shapiro, Colorado

“The lessons seep into my consciousness.  What used to be a mystery – why someone looks good or how they are emphasizing their best qualities – I now understand and can do for myself.” – Christine Martell, Oregon

Join now – final intake!

You can join right now! The final intake of the 12 month intensive program is available to join until 30 November 2023.  After that, the program will no longer be available to join.

If you join by 30 November 2023, the program will run as normal through to the end of your 12 months – nothing will change or be different, it’s just that you will be the last women to do the program.

On 1 December 2023, the My Year Without Clothes Shopping program will be removed from the website and will not be available for anyone to purchase and complete.

This amazing program is  accessed immediately by a few clicks — as soon as you complete your payment and registration, your Year Without Clothes Shopping Program will begin.

If you’ve been wondering about doing this program but haven’t yet taken the leap, or you want to re-do it before it disappears forever, please join the final intake of this program now.

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