Wearing Nothing New

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The colourful and resourceful Jessi Arrington

The colourful and resourceful Jessi Arrington

I so enjoyed this short TED talk from ‘color loving’ Brooklyn designer Jessi Arrington that I’m making it today’s blog posting.  In this less than 6 minute talk, Jessi shares these key messages:

  • It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look good.  You can look good for less than $50.
  • If you think you look good – you probably do (my paraphrase on the philosophy that there’s an endless feedback loop between how you feel and how you look).
  • It’s OK to let go – we don’t have to form emotional, hard-to-break attachments to our clothing; and letting go of our clothing is one of the most liberating things we can do (the way Jessi illustrates this in her talk is quite an eyebrow-raiser).

For such a short and sweet presentation, it gives you quite a lot to muse on (and if the comments from TEDites are anything to go by, to talk about too!). I hope you enjoy this video and it provokes some thinking, feeling, smiling and ideas!

Wear Nothing New – Jessi Arrington TED talk

And if this talk prompts you to think about conscious consumption and shopping your own wardrobe – considering joining us here, as that’s what we’re all about.



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