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Welcome to another 2011 blog posting!  Today I’d like to share with you an interview I did on Australia’s Triple J drive time radio show Hack last week. Triple J is an edgy radio station, broadcast nationally.  It skews to a younger, hip audience and they showcase music by indie and up-and-coming artists.  Last week, they talked about compulsive shopping and asked me to be part of the story.

When you listen, you’ll hear from a few self-confessed shopaholics, sharing the emotional and practical prices they pay for their behaviour.  It’s lightly done but you can feel the angst.  You’ll hear from an expert in compulsive behaviour who runs residential programs for people whose compulsions require that intensity of treatment.  And you’ll hear from me.

Have a listen.


Or download mp3 to listen later.  (If you want to read this (and listen) from our website, click on the heading “Listen to This” and it will take you over to our blog page – you can listen from there, and make a comment too!)

When I listened to the show after it aired, I was reminded of how new our understanding of (and approaches to managing) compulsions to shop, or additions to shop, are.  Sure, there are some people for whom a residential program for compulsive behaviour would be what they need.  But for many of the people we meet in our program, they do not require a program of that nature.  Like other compulsions, what’s required is a variety of options in how to manage unhealthy shopping behaviour that isn’t serving you.  

If you have a problem with over-eating, for example, it’s more than likely that you do not need to enter a residential program to address the issue — you quite possibly simply need to join a Jenny Craig program.

Likewise with shopping issues.  For many people with shopping problems, they need the equivalent of Jenny Craig.  And that’s where we come in.  My Year Without Clothes Shopping is the shopping equivalent of Jenny Craig in many ways – it’s accessible, it’s effective, it’s doable.  It’s well-crafted, it’s reasonably priced, and it works if you do what’s suggested.

I’m glad that experts like Robert (who shared the air with me for the Hack program) are doing the work that they do – it’s important, and for some folks, very necessary. 

And I’m equally glad that we offer an alternative to handling an over-shopping problem– a well-crafted, thought-through 12 month program, designed and delivered by experienced and empathetic experts. 

Price Increase on 31 October 2011:  It’s happening – we are increasing our prices at the end of October 2011. If you are seriously considering joining and having your very own Year Without Clothes Shopping, but have been holding off and waiting for a sign – let this be your sign.

Join now before the price goes up!

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