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Posted by Jill Chivers in Shopping in the Movies and Media


Yesterday I appeared on Australia’s TODAY show to talk about my year without clothes shopping.  There’s a lot of lead-up to these appearances.  It takes days, sometimes weeks, of contact with the producer to provide them with the background info they want and need.  And in this case, they also wanted some photos of me for the lead-in (these are called overlays, I now know… I’m SO with the TV lingo, aren’t I?).  So that all took time to prepare as well.

What was particularly interesting about yesterday’s appearance was that the day before, on the “other” morning show (the competitor’s), they had done a story on another woman who has only just completed her own year without clothes shopping.  Talk about freaky timing.

This other woman has had a rather different journey to mine.  Throughout her year, she gave away many of her clothes (she is now down to a very small selection), she’s moved to a country town and bought a dog.  I take my hat off to anyone who tunes in to their own truth and follows their own path.  If getting rid of the lions share of your clothes, changing your geography and adding a new furry family member is part of your journey – all power to you.  I’m behind you, beside you, cheering you on.

The message that we send here, at Shop Your Wardrobe, is that there are many paths your Year Without Clothes Shopping may take you down.

And what we encourage you to do is to find your own path, follow your own light, make your own decisions.

Taking a year without clothes shopping  is a life changing enterprise.  It will lead you where it leads you, and that means some choices will also NOT appear for you.

A year such as this one does not have to involve reducing your clothing to an austere minimalist selection.  You may make some changes to your wardrobe. Although if reducing your wardrobe to a quarter of its original size is what your heart desires and your mind requires – then we support that choice.

A year without clothes shopping does not have to involve changing locations or jobs or partners or anything else.  Although if that’s what surfaces as actions you feel you must take – then we would support those choices and changes.

And a year without clothes shopping will most certainly not require the addition (or reduction) of any animals into your life.  We don’t even cover that in the course.


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