Are you tired of shopping too much but don’t know how to slow down?


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If you’re keen to become more conscious about your clothes shopping, this short program is a great step in the right direction. As an overshopper for years, I know first-hand the hold that shopping can have on you… and how hard it can be to change those behaviours.  This 6 week mini course is designed to get you thinking and feeling differently about your shopping.

As soon as you join the 6 Week Mini Course, you’ll receive the resources, tools and prompts to become a more conscious clothing consumer:

  • Developed for women who shop, either a lot or quite regularly, who are interested in exploring and improving their relationship to shopping.
  • If you wear and shop for clothing, you are qualified to participate in the mini course.
  • An injection of ideas and information on how to look at your current clothing, closet and shopping behaviour and attitudes in a fresh light.
  • Explore your shopping habits through a new lens that combines conscious consumption with sustainable style.
  • For women who wish to become more conscious consumers whilst also remaining (or becoming more) stylish. We’re all about being stylish and smart.
  • Save quite a few dollars – you may find yourself shopping less during the 6 weeks of this course, saving you from tens to hundreds (possibly even thousands) of dollars.  And at the low price of $19 for the entire 6 weeks, the savings could be significant.
  • Full of tips and techniques, ideas and inspiration for becoming a more conscious clothes shopper, you’ll be motivated to explore your closet and clothing, your shopping behaviour and values, and your shopping needs and goals with weekly activities and challenges.
  • Delivered online at a rate of two emails per week. That’s a nice, easy pace anyone can handle.

The mini course gives you new ideas and motivation to take action.  You’ll feel better about the clothes shopping you choose to do.

I  have just finished your 6-week mini course – fantastic! I really enjoy your writing and videos – thank you so much for this course! I am now shopping much more mindfully and spending far less.  I resonate with so much of what you write/say. You are helping a lot of people with your program.  This course really worked for me – you have helped me a lot.” Linda

“I had no idea what my shopping was really like until I did this mini course.  It really opened my eyes, in a gentle but clear and supportive way, to what kind of a consumer I had become — and what kind of a consumer I wanted to become.  I now have the tools to change how (and why) I shop.  Thank you for an insightful course!”  — Joanne

“Easy to understand lessons, combined with worthwhile and insightful activities make this a killer course.  Doing this course gave me my life and my peace of mind back – I was out of control before coming across your website and courses.  Highly recommended to any woman who shops – a lot or just more than she wants.”  — Catherine

What you’ll get:

  • An outstanding short course delivered completely online – you can do it from anywhere in the world.
  • As soon as you sign up, your mini course starts – you’ll receive your first email within hours.
  • Over 50 pages of content and exercises  – it will get you thinking about and taking action in the direction of more conscious clothes shopping.
  • Two email lessons a week for 6 weeks  (+ media videos).
  • 14 lessons in total, over 6 weeks. The lessons are based on and organised around the 6 aspects of conscious clothing shopping: emotional, practical, self expression, financial, organising your wardrobe, and conscious choices.

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Chock full of ideas and inspiration, knowledge and tools that you can use over and over again. If you’re ready to begin your journey back to conscious clothes shopping….

The journey begins NOW!

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