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Member Resources

Welcome to the Members Only Resources section!


Appearing here are the Resources that accompany the Weekly Lessons. In many cases, we have spent as much if not more time and energy creating the Resources as we did the Weekly Lesson – so you’ll want to collect your Resource every week, and do the activities and exercises that you’re prompted to do.

The Resources are where the real traction in this program comes from – they encourage you to take action, which is where real change (in your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behavior) will come from.

The Resources are in PDF format which you can read with Adobe Reader. If you don’t already have that on your computer, you can download Adobe Reader for free – and it’s easy and quick to do, too. (If you have a Windows 7 computer and are experiencing problems in viewing the Resources,ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader).

The Resources won’t make a lot of sense until you read the Weekly Lessons that go with them – they’re a matching set.  So only come here and download, print and/or save the Resource when you’re prompted in your Weekly Lesson, ok?

Your Weekly Lesson may arrive a couple of hours before or after the Resource becomes available here in the Members Only section (the time your Weekly Lesson arrives in your Inbox has to do with the time you signed up). So don’t worry if you can see the Resource here a few hours before the Weekly Lesson arrives in your Inbox.

To access the resource you need, simply click on the title of that Week, and it’ll take you right to a page where you can download that resource. You’ll need to print out each week’s resource so you can complete the worksheets that many of them contain, so make sure you have access to a printer when you open them. Also remember to hit the BACK button after you’ve finished printing out that week’s resource – otherwise, it’ll log you out of this section!

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