Stop Shopping and Live Your Life [No.2]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Living Your Life

More in this 52-week series of inspiration and ideas of things you can do to add joy, happiness and fulfilment to your life – apart from shopping.  Every Wednesday over the next year, you can be encouraged with a beautiful, fun and inspirational postcard.

May these postcards inspire you to live your life – fully, richly, deeply, lightly, playfully, lovingly, controversially, chaotically, calmly — however you wish to live it, but truly lived, the way that only you can do it.

2 - be in nature

Yes, you are welcome to share these beautiful, fun and inspirational postcards.  I only ask that you share them in their entirety/without any cropping or editing.

You can find them all in Living Your Life.

For more inspiration and ideas on living, not spending your life, check out the daily postcards at Shop Less And Live More.

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