Images I Love [No.1]

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This post really doesn’t have a lot to do with conscious consumption.  Actually it has even less than that – it has nothing really to do with conscious shopping. I just want to get that out of the way up front.  I’m not talking about shopping at all in this post.

Although I do mention style quite a few times.

This is my last post for 2013 and for something different and fun I wanted to share some images I’ve been collecting in recent months.  Instead of coming across a gorgeous image and saying “Oh I love it” and continuing on my merry online way, I have been saving them.  I just love looking at these photos. They either make me smile or make me happy, or they make me wonder.

I’m going to keep collecting these images and will share them with you from time to time.  I’m not sure where they go in my Topic list, so I’m putting them under Happy for now.


The first time I saw this photo I think I actually gasped.  This woman is so graceful, so flexible, so lithe – I’m a bit in awe of her.  She’s like a creature from another planet.  And the backdrop just makes me want to move to New York City (I’m not sure if that’s the city this photo was taken in, but it has that feel to it to me).

ballet in city building


The Three of Us

I love cats, I love people and I love connection.  And this photo has all three!  Plus it has a little bit of sizzle and spice since we can only guess at what the two humans in the photo are doing up there, and those high heels are a little bit fabulous.

cat and couple


There’s something sultry and sexy, and a little bit sulky, about the woman in this image.  She cares a lot – the exquisite hair and makeup probably took hours, but she’s striking a pose that makes you doubt she’s really yours.  There’s mystery, there’s rebellion.  It’s a bit decadent, a bit risqué.  But I find it all very stylish, in a sassy kind of way.


Walking my Cheetah

This photo was taken in the era when exotic animals as pets was acceptable, even if available only to the extremely wealthy and eccentric.  I find this image provocative.  Beautiful on the one hand – the woman is so stylish (if we can somehow ignore the dead creature around her shoulders), and the cheetah is so regal.  But I’m also mortified at the idea of anyone owning a cheetah in such urban captivity.


Skating in London

I love the feeling this photo evokes.  I love the contrast (or should I be saying ‘juxtaposition’?) of what Susannah is wearing – a suit! – with the strap-on 60s skates and the setting. She looks confident and contented, and impressively stable on those skates.  Those lace up boots are also a bit fabulous.

Susannah York 1967

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