An Easy Way To Do The Hard Stuff

Posted by Jill Chivers in Living Your Life

For many of us, the hard stuff is just a part of life.  Whether it’s activities we find distasteful, tasks that don’t ignite our imagination, or pursuits we aren’t passionate about, our lives are filled with stuff we simply have to do but we’d rather not.

So how do you make the hard stuff easier?

One of the ways I’ve learned to make the hard stuff easier is to inject some fun, a sprinkling of joy and a pinch of variety into doing the hard stuff.


Bringing some joy to an everyday activity

Injecting some joy, fun and variety into everyday stuff

  • Joyless computer work to do?  Take my laptop outside and do it under the tree.
  • Mindless ironing to get through?  Put the portable DVD player on and watch (or at least listen to) one of my favourite movies.
  • Unfun phone calls to make? Loll in the pool while I make them.
  • Household cleaning that must be done? Put on my funkiest African groove music and turn up the volume!
  • Patience-testing, people-related stuff I can’t simply can’t avoid? Promise myself a (non shopping but delicious) reward at the end of it, to spur me on and keep me motivated during the during bit.
  • Paper-related, mind-numbing office work that is important but dull? The music/movie option could work well here, or what about putting on a sense-shifting aromatic candle to light my way and uplift my senses!

Your turn

It’s amazing just how many ways you can find to add a little flavour to a distasteful task, if you put your mind to it.

Use a bit of imagination and a belief that almost anything can be made more fun, and you can turn an otherwise dreary job into something more than simply bearable.

What ways can you  inject some fun, a sprinkling of joy and a pinch of variety into doing the hard stuff in your life?


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