Jill’s First Purchase

January 8, 2011 – Nearly a full month after I officially completed the challenge, I made my first clothes purchase in over a year.  It wasn’t an exciting purchase, sure.  It was a replacement purchase for some items that had worn out throughout the 12 months of my year without clothes shopping.  Even that was novel – something wearing out!  It had been quite a while since that had happened.

To mark this momentous occasion – a return to some kind of shopping – I chronicled the experience with some photos, and a short video.  Please to enjoy.

I chose Trade Secret because I knew they had great brands at reduced prices.  For what I was looking for, it was perfect. The items I were after are not seasonally-dependent so I didn’t care if they were “last season” or not – they won’t be seen by too many people.

 I did a bit of looking around in my chosen department – yes, every possible shape and size is catered for in ladies lingerie.  No wonder women get confused.  Overwhelmed. Impatient.  But not me.  Noooo.  I had a laser-like focus – colour, style, size:  all clear.  No diversions.  Well, ok I did have a quick diversion – an animal print bra caught my eye.  Didn’t really catch anything else, as it turned out, so I left the store without it.

You gotta try things on.  Some women don’t like the try-on part of shopping.  The mirrors in their changing rooms are somehow distorted, reflecting back a “oh, you’re so hideous” image to them. This is especially prevalent in changing room mirrors when one is trying on swimwear and underwear, although no one quite knows why this is so.


Well I haven’t been here in quite a while – standing at the register of a store selling clothing.  Buying something.

And for the first time in a long time, that slogan “guilt free retail therapy” may be partially true.  I wouldn’t call it retail therapy — that’s behind me now.  But it was guilt free! Now, if only I could get that great-tasting chocolate to be the same….

And here’s the proof – I truly am left holding the bag!


And finally – a 25 second video of me sharing how I feel — my first purchase after my year without clothes shopping!