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Jill as Keynote Speaker

Jill Chivers is an experienced, engaging and enthusiastic presenter who makes audiences think, feel and laugh.  Her keynote presentations often draw the largest audiences at network events, and she is frequently asked back to present to audiences again and again.

Jill connects quickly with audiences and draws them into her message.  She makes complex issues simple, and balances the serious messages with lightness, humour and joy.

Because of the depth and breadth of Jill’s background — as a change leadership consultant for global consulting giant Deloitte, then founder and director of her own corporate facilitation and training firm – and the compelling nature of her current projects, Jill can speak on many topics.

The topics Jill is most often asked to speak with audiences about include:

  • Her year without clothes shopping.  Why she did it, what she gained from it and the global projects she’s involved in now.
  • Conscious consumption meets sustainable style.  How you can look good and feel great every day – without buying more.
  • Media mastery. How she attracted so much media (50 stories) in such a short period of time (2 years) and how other entrepreneurs can conjure up their own media magic and make the most of every media opportunity they attract.
  • Living more, shopping less.  How to make the most of every single day by living your life – not spending it.
  • Stand up, stand out and stake your claim. How you can claim the place reserved just for you in the sun.

Jill can also design and deliver a tailoured presentation just for your group, event, conference, expo or organsation.  Jill is also available to be a panel member for your conference sessions.  to chat about your event!

Jill is one of the most engaging, knowledgeable and delightful presenters you will find.  Jill ran a successful corporate training and facilitation company for over a decade and wowed audiences as hard to impress as those from top tier law firms, the world’s elite banking and finance institutions and senior managers and directors from professional services firms.

Jill is a master presenter and knows presenting from the inside out.  For over 5 years, Jill taught Masterful Presentation Skills to high performing senior managers.  Here’s one of hundreds of rave reviews her Masterful Presentation Skills program attracted: “Jill creates excellent rapport, delivers outstanding content, she’s challenging and there’s no bullshit. The best trainer we’ve ever had“.   Learn more about Jill’s qualifications here.

Jill is an articulate and expressive speaker in any medium. Jill has appeared on over 20 television shows – a medium that inspires terror in many guests (even speakers comfortable on stage can ‘freeze’ on television)!  Despite the often nerve-wracking nature of the medium, Jill continues to deliver her message in an engaging and animated style.  You can see Jill in action on these television shows by clicking here.

to speak at your next event. Your audience will thank you for it.

The length of Jill’s presentations are from 30 – 90 minutes (more with Q&A), depending on your needs.

Jill will light up your conference, brighten up your breakfast, and breathe new life into your networking events.

What People Are Saying

“At one stage during Jill Chivers’ presentation I looked around the room and saw heads nodding and delegates laughing and writing furiously. Jill was extremely insightful and a perfect choice of presenter at our conference. Jill, you provided us with some great tools that can easily be applied when working with clients and all done with great authenticity and genuine passion. Thank you!” — Carol Martyn, President, Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO)

“As director of Enlightened Goddesses Business Network I have hosted and attended many amazing networking events and seminars and been blessed to hear the stories of many inspirational guest speakers. I can say with total honesty that none have surpassed Jill Chivers in her humorous, real and authentic delivery of her “year without clothes shopping” . Believe me when I say she had us hooked from the start.  Jill’s business acumen is obvious as she taken her addiction to shopping, mastered it and then created a successful program around that recovery that will CHANGE the life of many women who struggle with “conscious consumption”.  It is a brave woman who can recognise, acknowledge and heal a challenge in her life and then share that story with an honesty and realness that others can instantly connect with. We loved having Jill join us at goddesses@brunch this month and look forward to her presenting at future events – we have already booked Jill to speak at more of our events as her content is engaging and relevant, and she presents with power, passion and warmth. How can you not want more of this delicious, vivacious, honest and engaging woman”!” — Natalie McIvor, Enlightened Goddess Business Network

“There are two women who are the most authentic and vibrant presenters I’ve seen in a long time.  One is Jill Chivers.” — Judy Glen, Diva of International Proportions and Unreal Flowers

“I had the privilege of having Jill as guest speaker at our Red Hot Mastermind Event. She was amazing!! She packed so much information into the 90 minute talk and gave us all enormous value. Jill speaks from the heart, sharing her story and passion behind her business to help others in their own journeys. Everyone that attended was deeply touched and inspired. Jill also shared with us some invaluable tips on how to get ‘Free Publicity for our Business’ AND ‘How to create Profitable Partnerships’. Jill is a woman of passion, purpose, authenticity and a genuine desire to help others succeed in life and in business“. – Sue Murphy, Red Hot Events and Seminars

“Jill’s authenticy and heart-based values really spoke to me today at the presentation I attended.  Jill has an amazing understanding of shopping addiction and the underlying emotional drivers that get us into trouble.  Listening to Jill’s story is an inspiration that wonderfully contextualises her media and marketing strategies.  I also love her passion and values that underly her business.  Jill has amazing courage and vibrancy as well as enormous success in media and business” – Vanessa Bushell, Conscious Solutions

“I recently heard Jill Chivers speak at a Woman’s Network, and am now a raving fan! Articulate and engaging with an ability to paint wonderful pictures with her colourful stories, Jill takes us through the highs and lows of shopping addiction, a journey we can all relate to. Her decision to openly share this story, and how it developed into a program to benefit others, is both compelling and educational.  Jill’s gutsy determination to bring  a collaborative tapestry of experts together to deliver a program that would make a difference, and then boldly and passionately make sure her message was heard, is a total inspiration. Jill Chivers is a sensational world class speaker and entrepreneur, and could grace any stage and deliver a story that will resonate with any audience”. – Krishna Everson, Entrepreneur, Healthy Marketing and Magnetise Your Brand

It was lovely to see a very professional and skilled co-speaker at The Kitchen Table Network event this week.  It’s easy to see that Jill Chivers is an experienced presenter and educator. She not only engaged her audience on the day with an interesting and informative presentation – but (even better) she had us talking about the topic afterwards.  If you can remain (positively) in someone’s mind after the event, I truly believe you have connected with your audience.   Being a speaker myself, I have very high expectations of other presenters, so well done Jill – you ‘nailed it’“. – Donna Stone, Donna Stone Consulting 

“Your enormously entertaining and insightful presentation had me thinking, learning and laughing.  I learned about thinking outside the box in business building, I learned about myself and my relationship to shopping, I learned about creating successful business partnerships and I also learned about media in business. At Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs the focus is on speakers that offer tangible take-home benefits to women in their businesses.  The speaker’s session is 1.5 hours so as the convenor, I really need to be sure that the presentation is professional, engaging and value rich. When you presented for us recently the result was outstanding.  We had a turnout of participants 30% higher than the average – our biggest meeting ever. Getting media attention is a hot topic amongst business women and you are the pick of the crop as a presenter and trainer in that field. You are an entertaining and impeccably prepared presenter, but the women related even more to your tips and strategies because you have cracked the media code from the outside.  You’re an entrepreneur who walks in the shoes of your audience, so your information is always spot on – how to create ongoing media interest and what to do with it once you get it.   The group conversations on social media afterwards proved to me what a powerful impact you had on the group.  The actions taken and rewards gained by our women in the following weeks demonstrated that your strategies gets results. After your presentation the room was buzzing with women talking about how much they had enjoyed and gotten so much out of your presentation.  The energy in the room was so relaxed and involved.  One attendee was spotted enquiring about having you speak at her next event.”- Alex Mitchell, Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs and Author Support Services (and Profile magazine cover story)

“Jill has a wealth of knowledge, not only about shopping and addictions but also about business development, human emotions and much more.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and her warm personality shines through.  Jill is fabulous speaker – she really gives of herself in so many ways. I could have listened to her for hours. I’d highly recommend this presentation to others because Jill has a lot to share.  The most important thing she shares is herself.”  – Madonna Robinson, Excellerate You

“Thank you for sharing yourself yesterday during your presentation. Although you have probably presented that 90 minutes many times, your presentation had that fresh lively quality that true professionals have… Enthusiasm! It was wonderful to hear and see by all that you have achieved that you aren’t just “the lady who didn’t shop for a year”. You are the woman who looked inwards to shine outwards and inspire so many. You are a generous, loving soul… thank you!” – Natalie Delforce, Kookaburra Photography

“I attended the networking luncheon last week more to connect with the attendees than to hear Jill speak. A year without clothes shopping – “Yeah, so” is what I first thought… WOW did I get a surprise when this articulate, intelligent, inspiring woman spoke. There is way more underlying with Jill, her business acumen, tenacity and genuine interest to teach others what she has learned along her journey. Her ability to connect with other professionals in their field to ensure her clients get only the best up-to-the-moment information. Some people think they know it all — Jill realises her strengths and gets others on board to complete the package. Jill taught me a lot. Don’t just hear her talk — commit to doing the program that she has created for you and feel the change. You’ll go far.” — Amanda Candy

“Jill is full of great information and relates her story to everyone in the room.  Her presentation is animated and a delight to watch.  There’s human stories and well-researched information that inspires and really makes you think about her topic relates to your own life and habits.” – Jeanne Treloar, Witch Words

“A vibrant presentation and very entertaining.  Jill really makes you think about what you are doing with your life and your time – this was not just about “not shopping for a year”!  It was fun, informative and offers real insight into how we think about ourselves.  The audience participation was great and it really gave me some knowledge to take away and use in other areas of my life.” – Narelle Wood, Women’s Networking Group, Sunshine Coast

“Jill, on behalf of all the ladies at the Women’s Breakfast, I would like to sincerely thank you so much for entertaining and informing us today! You were without doubt one of the best speakers so far! You are a really gifted speaker and we wish you all the very best for a long and lucrative career! I have passed your details on to others who are looking for outstanding speakers.” – Karen Pertula, Creating What Matters

“Jill is so passionate about this subject  – she’s also professional, animated and friendly.  A very articulate person and motivator.” – Judy Polkinghome, Girls on Tour

“Jill spoke at our breakfast recently and we can’t wait to have her back later this year. Jill spoke about a year without clothes shopping and how she transitioned a personal challenge into a successful business.  It was very interesting and our members got real value about the similarities to what Jill has done and what they need to do in their business. Jill shared some great ideas which crossover and translate into the business arena. It was fun and refreshing.  Thank you Jill.” –  Dan Fox, Fox Finance and President Sunshine Coast Business Networking Group Inc

“Thank you so much for your Shop Your Wardrobe session on Friday.  You were so entertaining while giving out such practical and useful information.  From the feedback I received from our participants, I am sure you have made most, if not all, the 50 ladies who attended think hard on their shopping habits.  We had a function on Friday night and the “Jill Factor” was alive and well – your ears would have been burning, we just couldn’t stop talking about your session and all the fantastic take-aways you shared with us!  The material you presented made such good sense and your session also lifted the spirits in the room – you are so warm and engaging (and entertaining).  Congratulations on such a fantastic session – we loved it.” – Bev Smith, Living Choice

“I’d recommend this presentation because it made me feel I wasn’t alone in my attitudes and habits around shopping – I could relate to so much of what Jill was saying.  I have so many friends who would benefit from Jill’s Shop Your Wardrobe course!” – Margaret Norman, Women’s Network

“Jill’s story is relevant to everyone.  Her presentation on a “year without clothes shopping” was informative, a lot of fun, and left me with great tips I can put into place right now.  Jill is articulate, makes sense and she speaks my language!” – Dianne Graham, Koru Colours

Loved hearing about Jill’s journey in giving up shopping for a year and ways we can shop consciously and responsibly.  Jill’s Shop Your Wardrobe course sounds very interesting.” – AnneMaree Cotterell, VIP Corp

Incredibly entertaining as well as funny and informative.  Jill is a really great communicator – inspirational!  Her ideas are practical and realistic  – would love to have heard more.  The best presentation we have had in years.” – Marian Mason, Women’s Networking Group, Sunshine Coast

“I so enjoyed this presentation – Jill shared points that every woman in the room could relate to in an easy, relaxed way.  “Shopaholic” or not – every woman is affected by clothes shopping.” – Rose Nation, Nation Training

Brilliantly presented – strong and energetic.  Every woman would benefit from this presentation.” – Peta Passalaris, Women’s Network

2 minute clip on two key learnings from Jill’s year without clothes shopping personal challenge:

[flv:/video/jillzoomed1.mp4 /video/jillzoomed1.png 210 360]

2 minute clip where Jill shares two key shopping tips that can save you thousands of dollars:

[flv:/video/jillzoomed4.mp4 /video/jillzoomed4.png 210 360]

For more video, visit the Images and Video page.  If you are organising an event, for a speakers pack, including Speaker Introduction and full bio.

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