Inside Jill’s Wardrobe

This 20 second video footage shows the size and organisation of Jill’s walk-in wardrobe prior to starting her year without clothes shopping. Jill created this working wardrobe over a 15 year time period with the goal of creating then curating a wonderful working wardrobe – everything in it ‘pays its rent’ in the space.  And if it doesn’t, it goes on probation or it goes out the door (given away, swapped, sold into slavery to a consignment store).

Trouble in paradise

At the end of 2009, Jill realised that her consistent adding to the wardrobe was becoming a problem and that her shopping was spiraling out of control: there was too much ‘incoming’ and not enough items being worn (there simply were not enough days in the year to wear everything in her closet).

A radical solution

Mid December 2009, Jill made the huge personal decision to take a year without clothes shopping and “shop her wardrobe” instead.  For all of 2010, Jill shopped her wardrobe and did not buy any new clothing, shoes, accessories or appearance-related items for an entire 12 months (except for one falling-off-the-wagon experience, which she owned up to and wrote about, including the valuable lesson that ‘failing’ taught her).  Jill chronicled her story in twice weekly blog posts, which you can read here.

This is where Jill shopped in 2010