I Am Happiest When [No.9]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

Being unhappy isn’t bad or wrong.

But it is a choice.  We all feel the full spectrum of emotions, including those that makes us feel any version of unhappy.  But what many of us do (and I certainly was doing this) is we get stuck in those places for far, far longer than is necessary.

Feeling the full spectrum of emotions is what makes us human, and is not to be avoided.  But being unhappy for long stretches of time isn’t required. Nor is it necessary.

When you are flowing in the river of happiness (as I sometimes think of it), then your sojourns out of happiness are shorter, less intense, and less painful.

I hope that my sharing of my experiments with happy will spark some flame in you to have your own experiments with happiness, and to discover what makes you happier, more often.

What makes me happy may be very different to what makes you happy. And that’s what’s so wonderful about exploring the landscape of happiness. We get to choose our own journey.

I am happiest when (#9):

I am coming home

I love to travel, it’s one of life’s great joys for me.  I travelled a lot for work when I worked for global advisory and accounting giant, Deloitte (my frequent flyer miles were impressive!) and then when I ran my own facilitation and training firm.  I still travel, but there’s much more travelling for pleasure and fun these days.  It’s a great joy to round the corner and see “our mountain” which signals to me that I’m nearly home.

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