I Am Happiest When [No.8]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

It’s a choice to lean toward happiness.

This much I have discovered in my experiments with and focus on the landscape of happiness over the last 8 or so weeks.

And sometimes it feels easier to do what you’ve always done, and get bogged down in unhappy thoughts.  To wallow for a bit.  To allow whatever the form of unhappiness takes for you to become your every daily default (and for me, my unhappiness takes the form of stress and worry.  For others it may be more like depression, or anger, or frustration, or impatience).

Which is why there’s a proactiveness to this Choosing Happy experiment.  Sure, I can tap into the river of happiness (which I believe exists), but I must choose to get in the river in the first place.  And some days, or parts of some days,  it somehow seems more familiar not to.

It’s all very fascinating, this choosing happy thing.

Perhaps you too are familiar with what a choice it can be to explore the landscape of happiness, rather than sit on the sidelines.  My intention in posting these articles on blog about my experiments with happy is to inspire you to have your own experiments with happiness, and to discover what makes you happier, more often.

I am happiest when (#8):

I am having breakfast out

I enjoy breakfast anywhere, and cereal or toast at home is a daily favourite.  But it feels a bit special, a bit out of the ordinary, to have breakfast out.  My husband and I like to go out for breakfast about once a week, and it’s also something I enjoy with my parents, and with friends.  Instead of rushing through it in an effort to get to the next part of my day, I like to savour every moment of it – the view and surrounds, the menu and specials, the people and pedestrians.  It’s a sensory delight and gives my a day a real boost.

Having breakfast out - a joy!

Having breakfast out – a joy!

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