I Am Happiest When [No.48]

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The Power of Vacations

Recently I had to do some research on the value of holidays, for a client project.  I discovered some interesting facts:

  • Holidays are as important as sleep
  • The health impacts of holidays include lowered blood pressure, increased sleep quality, and an improved sense of wellbeing and resilience
  • A US study found women who took time out only every 6 years were eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease than those who enjoyed a holiday at least twice a year
  • In another study, men who failed to take an annual holiday were found to have a 21% higher risk of death from all causes and were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack

Vacations make a difference to our wellbeing.  We often feel happier before (the anticipation of), during (the experience of), and after (the memory of) vacations.  Even if we have a relaxed lifestyle and we live in a beautiful part of the world that others love to vacation in (as I do), having a holiday is still important.

I’m on vacation right now, and I am feeling a sense of flow and lightness (most of the time) that I haven’t felt in a while.  It’s a wonderful thing to experience, being someone who can worry and stress over the events of my life.  And it’s also a wonderful thing for my husband, to spend time with the relaxed “chill Jill” that he loves.

I am happiest when (#48)

This is me on holiday right now.  I love the United States, and find it a beautiful, fascinating place.  The cities I simply adore, and the natural beauty is also a thing to behold.  Here in Sedona, Arizona, I found a place of such striking majesty, it literally left me speechless.

On vacation in Sedona, Arizona

On vacation in Sedona, Arizona

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