I Am Happiest When [No.41]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

Write your own map

At some point on any journey, you have to put the map down.  You have to get off the bus.  You have to stop doing the things that other people suggest and recommend.  You have to stop orienting yourself on others ideas and opinions.

And you have to find your own way.  You have to feel it for yourself.  Think it through for yourself.  Experience it for yourself.  You have to discover, make mistakes, stumble and fall, and make the journey your own, and uniquely yours.

When it comes to happiness, it’s easy to be lazy in thinking and feeling.  And by that I mean it’s easy to take a quick recipe someone else has written on how to be happy and follow it rather blindly, without too much personal thought involved.  It’s easy to fall for the bombardment of messages in this consumer world we live in on what will make us feel happier, and to set about obtaining said item/s as a shortcut to experiencing the feelings of happiness.

What happens with this approach is that it’s the right recipe for the wrong person.  The advice and recommendations of others are great – but often only for them.

When it comes to an authentic experience and journey of happiness, you have to write your own map.

I am happiest when (#41)

I’m on a road trip.  I love road trips!  They give an immediate sense of freedom and possibility, even if you are just going away for a day or a weekend.  There’s an opening up of not only the road in front of you, but the space around you.  This is me at the fabulous Wild Lettuce Café, a vegan experience, in Kingaroy.  My husband and I took a short road trip recently and this was one of the unexpected delights we stumbled across.

At the Wild Lettuce Café in Kingaroy

At the Wild Lettuce Café in Kingaroy



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