I Am Happiest When [No.4]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

It’s amazing the transformative power of focus.  I’m truly coming to grips with it right now, as I continue with my experiment with happiness.

Many of us aren’t aware of how our thinking is creating our experience.  We let our thoughts run wild, and wonder why we feel confused, overwhelmed, stressed, worried and generally not “on path”.

And as focused an individual as I liked to think of myself, this was also true for me for too long.  I would allow worrying and stressful thoughts to linger too long in my mind.  And sometimes I would even run through the litany of things I was supposed to be worrying or stressed about, in case there was any chance I’d forget them.


That is truly a crazy way to go about life.  I’m only now waking up to how I’ve created so much of my own angst.  And I’m deadly serious about living life a different way.  A happier way.  A more in flow with life way.

And that’s what these weekend posts are about.  My experiments and explorations about happiness, and what makes me happy. You can check out my other I Am Happiest When posts in the Happy category on this blog.

I hope my forays into the landscape of happiness inspire you to have your own experiments with what makes you happy.

I am happiest when (#4):

I enjoy a rare, delicious treat

I’m not addicted to chocolate like some folks claim they are, but I do enjoy the occasional sweet treat.  What makes it special is its rareness, and it’s especially sweet if it’s a spontaneous outing.  For someone who has such a focused and conscientious attitude toward my work and my work habits, it’s a little bit of the divine when I give myself the gift of playtime in the daytime.

A rare sweet treat

A rare sweet treat

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