I Am Happiest When [No.33]

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Laughter is the best medicine

The Readers Digest had a regular feature in their monthly magazine called that – laughter is the best medicine.  As a kid growing up in a mining town in Central Queensland, Australia, I had no idea what that meant.

An esteemed publication suggests that comedy is indeed better than medication.  It draws on “a growing body of research indicating that a good guffaw may improve immune function, help lower blood pressure, boost mood and reduce stress and depression”.

Linking laughter with happiness seems so circular to me, there’s a self-evident quality to saying that when I’m laughing I’m happier.  It’s like saying that when I’m crying I’m sadder, or when I’m eating ice cream I’m tasting something sweet.

It’s true but somehow redundant.

Perhaps it’s its very obviousness that makes it so insightful.  After all, common sense aint so common, right?

Cardiologist Michael Miller, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine: “These [new] findings certainly support laughter as a reasonable prescription for heart health and health in general, especially since there’s really no downside.”

I am happiest when (#33)

I’m laughing.  Okay, I’ll go with it.  Yes, I am definitely happiest when I am having a good laugh.  Especially if it’s a genuine laugh, a good belly laugh, and one that comes from something unexpected.  Which is why watching a funny movie, as a ‘prescription’ for feeling better, doesn’t always work for me – I know I’m supposed to laugh, so somehow it seems a bit false.  And laughing, even just smiling, has a distinct impact on my mood.  I do believe in the mind-body connection so if I’m laughing, if I’m smiling, then I’m feeling good about my life and my place in the world.

A big genuine laugh!

A big genuine laugh!

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