I Am Happiest When [No.3]

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We worry.  We stress out.  It’s normal, right?

A very modern and debilitating malaise so many of us suffer from is feelings of worry and stress.   One alarming trend, according to one study I read about, is that 60 – 90% of visits to general practitioners are related to stress.

I’ve shared with you before how I’m a world-class worrier.  I could qualify for the Australian team if there ever were a Worrying Olympics.  And I tell you – I’m tired of it.  Literally exhausted from the worry, the angst and the loss of joy it has resulted in.

And I know I’m not alone.  Stress and worry seem to be the constant companions of so many of us.

It’s a modern plague of sorts.

So I’m making a decision to turn the tide on all that worry, angst and stress.  I am experimenting with happiness, and this new Topic on my blog, Happy, will house my musings on what I discover – about my own experiments in what makes me happy, and what I learn about happiness in general.

I hope you find what I share to inspire you to have your own experiments with happiness, and to allow yourself to be happier, more often.

I am happiest when (#3):

I am facilitating a group

I love to facilitate and believe it is one of the skills I come by naturally.  My very first foray into facilitation came when I worked for a university in a research department, and we had 6 teaching hospitals in our study, the members of whom would meet regularly.  I barely understood the subject matter, but I knew the process of bringing a group together for discussion, exploration and action identification was something that fascinated me.  I became an internal facilitator for global accounting and advisory giant, Deloitte and loved it, running workshops all over Australia and then in North America and Europe.  And I founded and ran my own successful facilitation, coaching and training firm which allowed me to hone my facilitation craft with high performing teams and leaders in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Asia.  I still facilitate, and I still love it.

I feel at home facilitating a group

I feel at home facilitating a group


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