I Am Happiest When [No.25]

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Patience is a virtue

My, how I hated that sentiment growing up.  I have the patience of a gnat, so the idea of having to wait for something to happen, particularly something good or exciting, exasperated me as a child and teenager.  And young adult.  And older adult.

I’m still struggling with patience.  Waiting for things.  Dealing with my exasperation and frustration.  Being patient doesn’t seem to come naturally or easily to me.

What helps is knowing that I am often the sole creator of these feelings of frustration and exasperation.  I am making things mean something they don’t necessarily have to mean.  I am assigning “waiting” (and therefore “I’m frustrated by having to wait”) to the circumstances I find myself in.

When the truth is I can assign any other meaning I choose to those circumstances.  Or I can assign no meaning to those circumstances, and simply notice them.  And (gasp!) enjoy them for what they are.  Which may be simply another day I get to be alive on this crazy planet.  A gift not everybody will have today.

I am happiest when (#25)

I am writing.  I write a lot these days, sometimes 10,000 words a week.  And at least, and often over, 200,000 words a year.  I write on my own blog — this one you’re reading now, and post about 4 times a week.  I write on others blogs.  I co-author articles.  I write for clients – products such as workbooks and e-courses as well as their automated email series, and promotional material such as sales and other web pages.  I create my own products, and products with others such as e-books and email series.  The process of writing is fascinating to me, and I am often challenged by it.  But I’m always deeply fulfilled when a writing project is finished.  It is such a satisfying feeling!

I love the satisfying feeling of a writing project well done!

I love the satisfying feeling of a writing project well done!

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