I Am Happiest When [No.23]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

 If you knew you were being guided

I read something online recently that said, “If you knew you were being guided [by a universal force/God/spirit], would you listen more?”

I thought that was such an interesting question, and potentially life changing, or at least habit changing.

If I knew that there was a force greater than me that had some part to play in the direction my life was taking, would I have more faith?  Would I have more hope?  Would I have more patience?

And what if it were true?  What if I lived my day-to-day life, just a little bit, as though this were true?

I may not end up with more stuff, or more money, or more success in traditional terms… but possibly I’d be happier, calmer and more relaxed throughout the journey – no matter what the haul looked like when I finally arrived.

I am happiest when (#23)

I’m in Sydney.  Oh Sydney, I love you!  I lived in Sydney for 13 years, and it nearly took a crowbar to get me out of it.  I still have fantasies from time to time about moving back there.  It is a magnificent city – beautiful, showy, confident, unapologetic.  It’s a thrill just to walk around the streets.  I visit Sydney somewhere between ‘a few’ and ‘many’ times a year, and it really doesn’t take much of an excuse a reason to get me to go.  I was there only last week and it was just the injection of the Emerald City that my soul and spirit needed!

The magnificent Emerald City!

The magnificent Emerald City!

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