I Am Happiest When [No.22]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

Let those thoughts go

A big part of living more frequently in the landscape of happiness is to recognise that thoughts come… and thoughts go.  We don’t actually have to attempt to control or manage our thoughts.

I know there’s a lot of ‘human performance’ modalities that suggest we need to do exactly that – jump into our heads and start tinkering with our thoughts, including but not limited to these thought actions: collapsing, reframing, future pacing, visioning, choosing more positive, affirming.

All that thought management is not necessary

You can do all that, sure.  But you don’t need to.  It simply isn’t necessary.  The system has a design far more elegant than that.

When you start to appreciate that our thoughts will go on their own – without any intervention on our behalf — then you can stop all that unnecessary and time consuming head tinkering.

The healthy human psyche is geared toward wellness.  That means clearing out our thoughts and letting new, fresh ones in –  as a part of the design.

When you get that, at least a little bit, the whole “self help” movement starts to change complexion.  And you realise how little we really need, by way of methods, tools, resources and modalities, to be emotionally and psychologically well.

I am happiest when (#22)

I’m appreciating what our service men and women did for our country, in times of conflict and war.  It was ANZAC day yesterday, the day in our part of the world where we pay tribute to those who have given of themselves in service of our country.  These people may have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives, or they may still be alive and retired from or still in service.  Wherever they are now, when I think of the contribution these men and women have made to the comfort and stability I live in, every single day, I can’t help but be filled with emotion.

We try to express what their contribution means, and has meant, to us

We try to express what their contribution means, and has meant, to us

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