I Am Happiest When [No.15]

Posted by Jill Chivers in Happy

The river of happiness


I know because I’m in it a lot these days.

Not all the time, but much of the time.

It carries me along in its current.  I don’t have to do anything to stay in it.  Except if I forget, I can look down and see the water, or dangle my fingertips in it.

My sincere hope is that my sharing of my experiments with happy will give you the idea to have your own experiments with happiness, and to discover what makes you happier, more often.

There’s no real other reason for you to read these posts except to have them prompt your own experiments, your own reflections, your own playing and explorations in the landscape of happiness.  Your happiness.

I am happiest when (#15):

I’m with animals

I love animals and they appear to love me, too.   I don’t have an affinity with all animals (spiders don’t do it for me, neither do reptiles, and I’m a bit afraid of as well as being in awe of horses).  But most dogs and almost all cats, I love.  They fascinate and entrance me.  They amuse me and nurture my soul.  They remind me of the innate sense of wellbeing that all living creatures are born with, however disconnected from it we become.  My favourite furry friend is my cat Mango, our 13 year old Ragdoll, but I can expand my feelings of happiness to other furry friends quickly and easily.  Here are two of my favourite adoptive friends – Max, my aunt Lynette’s lively Abyssinian and Buddy, my friend Jo’s Maltese cross.

I love the company of animals - here with Max the Abysinnian and Buddy the Maltese Cross

I love the company of animals – here with Max the Abyssinian and Buddy the Maltese Cross


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